September 09, 2009
Athletes in the mix
James Anderson
Panthers LB

Antwan Applewhite
Chargers LB

Adrian Peterson
Bears RB

James Davis
Browns RB
Person I'd want to interview me President Obama Ochocinco President Obama Barry Sanders
Last time I yelled at the TV Watching Step Brothers Watching Brett Favre lay that [crackback] block against the Texans Last week, playing Madden May, when the Hawks lost to the Cavs
______ is a must-have album Michael Jackson's Thriller The Score by the Fugees Tha Carter III by Lil Wayne Paper Trail by T.I.
One thing I wish I'd said yes to Going to bed earlier Going to Vegas with my mom Getting a '67 Lincoln Continental convertible Buying my daughter a doll
I really should blog about my... Background in art Eating habits Nothing. I'm not into that stuff My personality
My advice for Serena Williams this week is... Play hard and go home Play hard and keep your head down and dont worry about anybody else Just win I want her to come out and do another dance
I really should have ______ this summer Relaxed more I didnt go anyway. I wished I would have gone somewhere, maybe overseas Gotten more rest Taken a break
A Whitney Houston comeback means.... That she's still on top of her game It means great music That change is coming I guess that would be a good thing
Song playing on my iPod right now Never Would Have Made It Marvin Sapp Youre A Jerk by Newboyz Shoot Me Down by Li'l Wayne Successful by Drake
Photographs by NFL Photos (4)

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