December 23, 2008
How do sports stars fit in?
Trevor Ariza
Lakers F

Phil Kessel
Bruins RW

Robbie Maddison
Stunt Rider

Michael Griffin
Titans FS
People say I look like Kurt Thomas Spencer Pratt from The Hills Vanilla Ice Whoopi Goldberg
Worst Christmas gift ever received Pajamas with booties from my brother Kenny An ugly sweater my mom gave me My aunt used to give me jelly beans Nothing. Nobody got me anything last year
Best gossip story of 2008 Stephon Marbury and the Knicks Lindsay Lohan Story that I was dating Paris Hilton Plaxico Burress shooting himself
I really need help with my... Young son Tajh Clothes Gardening I don't even know
I want to throw a shoe at... Rudy Garciduenas Marc Savard Bret Michaels My ex-girlfriend
Worst moment of 2008? Getting into an argument with teammate Sasha Vujacic The U.S. economic crisis Being ripped off by judges at the X Games last summer Losing our first playoff game last year
Favorite thing to eat on Xmas Chicken, mac and cheese, candied yams made by mom The ham dinner my grandmother makes Barbecued meat, made by me. I'm Australian - I love meat! Mama's cooking
2009 is going to be... the most memorable year of my young life chasing the NBA title a lot of fun my most dedicated year a bright, good year
Song that's playing on my iPod right now? No answer Voices by Chris Young You're not alone by The Enemy Plies, but I ain't gonna tell you what it is
Photographs by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images; Steve Babineau/NHLI/Getty Images; Robert Cianflone/Getty Images; Joe Robbins/Getty Images

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