October 21, 2009
Athletes in the mix
Marc-Andre Fleury
Penguins G

E.J. Henderson
Vikings LB

Dany Heatley
Sharks LW

Stephane Robidas
Stars D
Marge Simpson in Playboy means... She must have nice boobs Hmmm... Something awful Homer should be proud
Most I ever paid for a haircut Too much for a mullet $100 $100 $80 to shave my head
____ exhibits paranormal activity Teammate Sidney Crosby My friend Jovonne, who remembers everything Tiger Woods Marilyn Manson
Biggest DVR obsession Entourage Vikings games Entourage Prison Break
Trend that should die a slow death Guys in skinny jeans Mohawks Ed Hardy shirts and hats Twitter
The Hills is.... dumb, but the girls are pretty not my thing, because I never watch it Fun to watch with the sound off a show that I dont watch
______ is the yin to my yang V (my girlfriend)- Ive known her since I was five years old! Little brother and Vikings teammate Erin Henderson My brother, we are complete opposite My wife. We are different, but we complement each other
Best thing about fall Hockey season starts The changing of the seasons always remind me of high school football Its hockey season Of course, the start of hockey season
Song playing on my iPod right now Use Somebody by Kings of Leon 10,000 Chariots by Damian Marley #40 by Dave Matthews If Today was your Last Day Nickleback
Photographs by Lou Capozzola/SI; NFL Photos/Getty Images; Bruce Bennett/Getty Images; David E Klutho/SI

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