April 29, 2009
Athletes in the mix
Ryan Hunter-Reay
IRL driver

Ryan Ludwick
Cardinals RF

Sam Querrey
ATP Player

Johnny Damon
Yankees LF
Susan Boyle is... A skin treatment guru? I don't know. An actress? The author who wrote Twilight I have no idea
Talent I wish I had Being a curler Playing the drums Ability to be invisible Playing the guitar
Spa treatment I'm in dire need of A mud bath A massage Manicure and pedicure Waxing
Blame it on the____ Economy The rain Backhand volley Alcohol
Biggest fear in life A big spider A plane crash Being electrocuted Not being able to move
Madonna fell off of... a horse a horse. I believe it the sanity train, she has lost it a horse
____ is the next big thing Miami Dolphins Personalized aircraft. 2080 Colby Miller. He is taking skinny water to new levels Being self-sufficient
I'd like to come back as a... an american eagle an eagle. I'd be able to fly and I'd have great eyesight. I'd be a bird of prey Tom Brady cause he is the QB of the Patriots and he married Gisele Ronald Reagan. I really admired him
Song playing on my ipod... Call to Arms by Angels & Airways Kevin Fowler. The whole CD Human by the Killers no answer
Photographs by Paul Kizzle/AP; Chuck Solomon/SI; Lionel Cironneau/AP; Chuck Solomon/SI

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