April 01, 2009
How athletes fit in
Cliff Lee
Indians P

Marco Andretti
IRL Driver

Dana Eveland
Athletics P

Juan Pablo Montoya
NASCAR driver
People say I look like... Kevin Bacon Denzel Adam Sandler "That race car driver guy"
Website I frequent the most Yahoo marcoandretti.com golfnow.com miamiwindsurfing.com
If I could have anyone's voice, it would be... Barry White's Jackie Stewart's Caleb Followill's from Kings of Leon No one's
Song playing on my iPod right now Nothing. I never listen to it What Them Girls Like by Ludacris Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
_____ is a total waste of talent Michael Vick Britney Spears Chris Martin Bullfighting
Song you swear was written about you I have no idea Moment of Truth by Gangstar What's My Age Again? by Blink-182 Carlos Vives's La Fuerza del Amor! Carlos added me into the song, so I have to think it isn't about me
Spring means its time for____ baseball summer baseball and golf a transition from windsurfing to golf season
I idolized.... Wes Gardner. He played in the big leagues, and hes from my hometown my dad (Michael Andretti) Ken Griffey Jr.when I was 12 Ayrton Senna when I was 12
My teammates often tease me about I cant think of anything nothing, we tease (teammate) Hideki (Mutoh) being the fat guy on the team about my gloves. They make fun because I have someone put my gloves on for me
Photographs by Thomas E. Witte; Fred Vuich; Brad Mangin; Fred Vuich

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