November 05, 2008
How do sports stars fit in?
Charles Godfrey
Panthers CB

Greg Oden
Trail Blazers C

Jimmy Conrad
Wizards D

Desean Jackson
Eagles WR
Star I'd like to dance with Beyoncè Keri Hilson Dan Patrick Beyoncè
______ really makes me nervous Gas prices A visit from my mom The thought of dancing with Dan Patrick Driving fast
Instrument I wish I could play Drums Guitar Accordion Trumpet
Favorite comfort food Doritos Chips and dip Red Vines candy Soul food
Favorite high school movie Friday Night Lights American Pie The Goonies Friday Night Lights
Favorite SNL character of all time? John Belushi Anything by Will Ferrell Matt Foley, Inspirational Speaker (Played by Chris Farley) I dont watch the show
_______ needs to lighten up a little John McCain My mom Bill Belichick G. Lew (teammate Greg Lewis)
Secret talent that no one knows about I can play tennis No answer I dominate at Frogger I can rap
Song that's playing on my iPod right now T.I. A video of Family Guy Not Even Jail by Interpol Whats Up, Whats Happening by T.I.
Photographs by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images; John W. McDonough/SI; Scott Pribyl/Getty Images; Jesse Grant/Getty Images

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