June 03, 2009
Athletes in the mix
Adrian Gonzalez
Padres 1B

Jayson Werth
Phillies CF

Brian Wilson
Giants P

Todd Helton
Rockies 1B
Jon and Kate are... Married with eight kids Unknown to me Actors in Idaho? About to get divorced
Best movie I saw last week Bolt Valkyrie Angels and Demons Eagle Eye
Adam Lambert should... If I knew him, I'd answer Remake Queen's Greatest Hits Do theater Go on tour
_____ has that Boom Boom Pow! My brother Edgar Teammate Chase Utley Paula Abdul Teammate Troy Tulowitzki
Age I had my first kiss 12 13 5 13
Thinking about _____ keeps me up at night The game that just passed and the game to come Baseball Being up Hitting. Because it's not easy and it's my job
____ needs an intervention All of Hollywood. They've lost their morals and are whacked out of place "The media" because they're everywhere We all need interventions because we're not perfect I really can't think of anybody
Best place to get a steak Acqua Al 2, an Italian restaurant in San Diego's Gaslamp District At my kitchen table because it's off my grill I had a steak at this place called Izzy's in the Marina that was kinda good. Well seasoned City Hall in Phoenix
Song playing on my iPod right now I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me Mother Lover by the Lonely Island because it's hilarious DJ. Tiesto It's a constant beat and he's a really good DJ These Are My People by Rodney Atkins
Photographs by John W. McDonough/SI; Damian Strohmeyer/SI; Harry How/Getty Images; Brad Mangin/SI

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