April 08, 2009
Athletes in the mix
Marvin Williams
Hawks F

Omar Cummings
Rapids F

James Loney
Dodgers 1B

Delmon Young
Twins OF
First thing I do when I wake up in the morning Pray Go to the bathroom Eat breakfast Hit the snooze button
Food that's been in my fridge the longest Pizza Hut pizza -- five days King crab legs -- little over a year Yogurt -- not sure how old it is Celery -- about four months
Teammates would be shocked to know I... Listen to Fall Out Boy Am going to be in Sports Illustrated Play the keyboard Used to ride a skateboard
I'd love to wrestle with... The Rock Halle Berry My younger brother, Anthony Jesikah Maximus
_____ really needs to lose the attitude Dick Cheney Teammate Kosuke Kimura Bill O'Reilly Terrell Owens
Favorite accessory Earrings!! I must have em!! My computer iPod Car
TV show Id love to guest star on Rob Dydrek's Fantasy Factory Entourage Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Two and a Half Men Family Guy
________ is like a Gossip Girl I have no clue what a Gossip Girl is I've never seen Gossip Girl Perez Hilton I don't really know on that one
Song playing on my iPod right now Kiss me through the phone by Soulja Boy and Sammie The Mission by Damian Marley If You're Out There by John Legend I use an IPhone right now. My thing got synced and everything was erased off of it
Photographs by Bill Frakes/SI; David Zalubowski/AP; Chuck Solomon/SI; Michael Heape/SI

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