March 11, 2009
How sports stars fit in
Rajon Rondo
Celtics G

Vera Zvonareva
WTA Player

James Parr
Braves P

Ken Griffey Jr.
Mariners LF
Kanye West really needs to... Drop another album Stay creative Get a life Keep making music
I'd run The Amazing Race with... [Teammate] Ray Allen Michael Phelps My fiance, Lara Charles Barkley
Favorite chick flick Legally Blonde What Women Want How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days Waiting to Exhale
When I was 15 I had a crush on... Left Eye from TLC Russian actor Dmitriy Pevstov Vanessa Williams Jayne Kennedy
I'm really sick of hearing about... Stephon Marbury Paris Hilton Barack Obama Negative things happening in sports
Last thing I do before I go to bed is... Check my phone Watch a movie or the latest news Brush my teeth, read my Bible and pray Brush my teeth. I'd say good night to the kids, but they're already asleep
One thing youd be too embarrassed to buy Nothing - I have no problem buying whatever I am not embarrassed to buy anything A smart car. They're kind of funny looking There's nothing I'd be embarrassed to buy, not even feminine hygiene products
Person youre dying to have a beer with Can't think of anyone Kid Rock because it could be a hilarious night John Mayer. I think hes a very talented guy JFK. Why not?
Song playing on your Ipod right now Juicy by Biggie I Come for You by Nickelback Come When I Call by John Mayer Sorry, I don't have an IPod
Photographs by Greg Nelson/SI; Bob Martin/SI; Chris Graythen/Getty Images; Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

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