April 22, 2009
Athletes in the mix
Adam Lind
Blue Jays LF

Chase Headley
Padres LF

Chris Jakubauskas
Mariners P

Paul Konerko
White Sox 1B
Lady Gaga is... Eccentric A children's singer A singer A pirate singer?
I really need to give up... Soda and fast food Biting my fingernails My shopping habit Texting
Catch phrase I'm so over "Get 'em tomorrow" "Cool beans" "For sure" "Not so much"
Love once made me... Wonder what it is Watch a chick flick Realize I'd do anything for it Get married
In five years Lindsay Lohan will be... Still a joke Staying out of trouble Off the scene On a tired celebrity-rehab show
I think ________ should be on American Idol Twista Francis Florendo (Everyone should have heard how this 13-year-old boy sang the National Anthem last Saturday) My girlfriend, Lindsay Harper. She can really sing Brian Anderson (teammate)
My favorite TV villain is... Simon Cowell Simon of American Idol The Joker Simon Cowell
Person I need to get a life size poster of Barack Obama David Eckstein (It would fit nicely in the corner of my room without taking up much space.) Ken Griffey Jr. I idolized him as a kid Jim Thome. I want a Fathead of Jim. He's a legend
Song playing on my iPod right now... It's Amazing by Kanye West Tunnel by Third Day Decode by Paramour No Remorse by Metallica
Photographs by Tony Dejak/AP; Brad Mangin/SI; Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images; David E. Klutho/SI

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