December 10, 2008
How do sports stars fit in?
Ryan Getzlaf
Ducks C

Mark Clayton
Ravens WR

Drew Gooden
Bulls F-C

Jordan Gross
Panthers T
My one question to Tom Cruise would be... Something about Top Gun About the foundation of Scientology Where are the glasses from Risky Business? What's up with Scientology?
Best concert I've ever been to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation tour Too Short in 1989 Eric Clapton and Rage Against the Machine
Britney Spears's new album is... Not in my collection Interesting Has a nice cover News to me
If I could change one thing about me it'd be... I'd have more hair My singing. I can't sing My hands. I wish they were bigger I'd have longer arms
If I were President, __ would be in my cabinet Scott Niedermayer Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, and Derrick Mason Chris Rock Kevin James
Nothing annoys me more than ____ People that only want to talk about hockey When someone is about to tell you something but they forget what they wanted to say Having my hand on an offensive rebound and losing it People who litter by throwing plastic bottles on the ground
Song I sing in the shower Anything country Gospel mostly. I Won't Complain, It's inspirational to me On Bended Knee by Boys II Men I don't sing in the shower
Before this year is over I want to _____ Win another Stanley Cup Get better as a receiver Have a winning record Go on one date with my wife. We never get to
Song playing on my iPod right now Chicken Fried by The Zac Brown Band Praise him in Advance by Marvin Sapp Da Drought by Lil' Wayne Beautiful Disaster by 311
Photographs by Robert Beck/SI; Gail Burton/AP; Greg Nelson/SI; Getty Images

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