May 20, 2009
Athletes in the mix
Scott Feldman
Rangers P

Joey Votto
Reds 1B

Brian McBride
Fire F

Carlos Beltran
Mets CF
A cougar is... At least 40 Pretty busy on Friday and Saturday nights An animal that lives in the animal kingdom I don't know what to say
Last movie I saw in theaters Zack and Miri Make a Porno Slumdog Millionaire Taken Wow, I don't remember
Animal I most resemble Labrador retriever An ape? My wife calls me Tiger A dog
Most I ever spent on a pair of jeans Couple hundred on some 7s $180 on a pair of 7s $185 on Levi's Capital Es $2,000 on Roberto Cavallis
_____ really needs anger management Latrell Sprewell Mark Cuban [No answer] Ron Artest
TV show that needs a revival Seinfeld I don't like messing with classics. But I like to see Seinfield or Sopranos back Three's Company. The things you could do with the show now would be hilarious I'm not a TV guy
Ballpark food you couldn't pay me to try I haven't really come across any ballpark food that's too bad Fried Bologna (which they sell at Great American Ball Park) You mean there is more than hot dogs, peanuts, and Lemon Ice? (Haven't been to a game in a long time) Sushi. I dont like sushi
Song playing on my iPod right now Mac Dre, just anything by him, because he's a true player I've got a lot of Coldplay on it Daughters by John Mayer I listen to Marc Anthony a lot. Salsa music
Photographs by Ron Vesely/Getty Images; Damian Strohmeyer/SI; Victor Decolongon/Getty Images; John Iacono/SI

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