June 24, 2009
Athletes in the mix
Nate Schierholtz
Giants OF

Annika Sorenstam
LPGA legend

Shea Salinas
Earthquakes MF

Jered Weaver
Angels P
Megan Fox reminds me of... Someone I'd like to date Not sure who she is A perfect 10 A hot girl
___ helps me cool off The ocean The Annika Collection An ICEE A cold beer
Sookie Stackhouse is... A giant sushi roll A Japanese steak house? A vampire lover Hot
I think ___ needs a hug George W. Bush Phil and Amy Mickelson LeBron James [Teammate] Mike Napoli
___ will do anything to remain relevant Heidi from The Hills Paris Hilton Heidi and Spencer [Teammate] Justin Speier
This just in... The Giants are taking the West Check my blog or twitter page Barcelona is the best team in the world right now The Weaver Brothers are going toe to toe
Vacation spot I'm dreaming of right now Probably the Caribbean. I love tropical places and I like surfing Home, because I love it here! Bora Bora, Tahiti because of the over water bungalows Hawaii
My best dance move would be... Sipping my drink The break dance I tried at my wedding. Not the best in a dress The Texas two step. I'm working on the Stanky Leg though Anything and everything
Song playing on my iPod right now The new Nickelback album Viva la Vida by Coldplay Good Time by Alan Jackson Badfish by Sublime
Photographs by Harry How/Getty Images; Robert Beck/SI; Victor Decolongon/Getty Images; John W. McDonough/SI

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