November 11, 2009
Athletes in the mix
Mike Wallace
Steelers WR

James Riley
Sounders D

Jared Allen
Vikings DE

John Thorrington
Fire M
Lady Gaga or Madonna Lady Gaga Madonna Madonna Neither, they both scare me
Number of texts you sent today 25 5 Today 20. Usually it's 50 to 100 25
_____ is the bane of my existence Teammate Keenan Lewis Complainers Rap music Losing
If I could win an award it would be... MVP Nobel Peace Prize Nobel Peace Prize Jeopardy champion
I really miss my ____ right now Gumbo Mom's Korean food Blanky In-N-Out Burger
________ really thinks he can dance Rashard Mendenhall, because he takes dance classes. Dance fever (Teammate) Sebastien Le Toux really thinks he can dance (Vikings defensive tackle) Fred Evans. Hes always dancing in the locker room Aaron Carter
Deadspin is... Deadspin? I dont know Cristiano Ronaldo hitting a dead ball with wicked spin I have no idea what it is A website
Last thing I did before I left the house was ______ Brush my teeth Posted a quick twitter and made sure I had all my materials for players union meeting Go to bathroom. I just had to go Kissed my wife
Song playing on my iPod right now No answer Public Service Announcement by Jay-Z Elvira by The Oak Ridge Boys Pretty Young Thing by Michael Jackson
Photographs by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images; Corky Trewin/MLS/Getty Images; Tom Dahlin/SI; Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

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