March 04, 2009
How sports stars fit in
Manny Fernandez
Bruins G

Rasual Butler
Hornets G-F

Mike Fontenot
Cubs 2B

David Price
Rays P
____ should make a comeback Mario Lemieux I don't make those comments about people Kris Kross The Olsen twins
_____ reminds me of a desperate housewife [Teammate] Shawn Thornton Marge Simpson [Teammate] Ryan Theriot [Teammate] Scott Kazmir
Weirdest thing a coach ever said to me Just look at the puck with your eyes. Your jump shot and his dunk are the same thing. Practice with your glove on your foot. Your future is not flipping burgers.
My ultimate karaoke song would be Footloose Only the Strong Survive Wanted Dead or Alive Nice and Slow
Best nickname I ever had The Mexican Big Skinny Chicken Diamond Dave
I'm dying to get in the ring with... Jarkko Ruutu David West, because he thinks he is a tough guy C.M. Punk. He's a WWE wrestler Troy Percival, because he's not as fast and as limber as he used to be
First car you ever owned 1987 Renault 5 2002 Cadillac Escalade '98 Ford Taurus A 1986 red/burgandy/rusty red Volvo
I really wish I knew how to... surf sing. Women likes guys who can sing draw a picture dance with the Jabberwockeez, because they're unbelieveable
Song playing on my iPod right now Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon None Dissident by Pearl Jam Amazing by Young Jeezy
Photographs by Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images; John W. McDonough/SI; Chuck Solomon/SI; Gary Bogdon/SI

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