August 19, 2008
Pop Culture Hot List
By Arash Markazi
1 Michael Phelps
The Olympics are still going on without Phelps? Why do we get the sense that NBC will try to create a few swimming competitions (the 200 Doggy Paddle?) of their own through the closing ceremonies to keep ratings from taking a dive as impressive as Greg Louganis.
2 Redeem Team
It may be time to ditch the "Redeem Team" nickname and call Team USA by its proper name, the real "Dream Team." Not only are they steamrolling the opposition by an average of 32.2 points but they're getting better with each game, blowing out Spain and Germany by a combined 86 points. And unlike the original "Dream Team" they're not playing overmatched teams that want pictures taken with them before tip-off.
3 Mike & The Mad Dog
Lunch just got a lot lonelier in New York as the best tandem in sports talk radio history called it a day after 19 years together. We're coping with life without the duo, but we sort of feel like a kid after their parents divorced, not sure who to side with while still confused why they weren't able to work things out. Fort the time being we're going to side with Mad Dog, who is starting his own sports talk channel on Sirius XM
4 Alicia Sacramone
Despite costing the U.S. a shot at gold in gymnastics, Alicia can do no wrong in our eyes. She's gorgeous, smart and can throw a hell of a left hook. That deserves a gold medal from someone in our eyes.
5 Kim Kardashian
"The Tush" got on stage in Vegas as an honorary Pussycat Doll, although before she put on her sexy lingerie she showed it off to boyfriend Reggie Bush while they were on iChat. "I had my costume on for his approval," she said. "I did my whole dance for him while I was practicing. He thought it was so cute. He said, 'Please videotape it so you can send it to me right after.'" Judging from his performance in the preseason, he should probably be reviewing some game film as well.
6 Rafael Nadal
Not only is Rafa the best tennis player in the world, but he's sure to catch the attention of more than a few women in Manhattan when the latest issue of New York magazine hits newsstands.
7 Serena Williams
She may have been ousted early in the Olympics, but Serena tells Men's Fitness, "I love my smile. My smile and my cleavage. I think they go really well together." We couldn't agree more.
8 Dodgers
OK, so we're a little biased since we were on the field at Dodger Stadium before their dramatic win over the Brewers that put them in a first place tie atop the NL West, but this team with Manny Ramirez and now Gregg Maddox seems to have "it." As Tommy Lasorda told us last night during a charity bowling event that the Dodgers hosted, "I got a good (expletive) feeling about this team."
9 Friday Night Lights
Maybe, just maybe, the best show on television is finally getting it's just due. Not only did GQ do a an amazing photo shoot with the ladies of Friday Night Lights, but we're doing our part here with an exceptional photo gallery of Minka Kelly.
10 John Mayer
Finally a celebrity who's open and honest about his personal life with the paparazzi. You know, because no one needs to be treated with more dignity and respect than those that follow you around town, screaming your name and calling you a cheater.

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