October 31, 2007
1 Joe Torre

Hollywood has a new leading man as the Dodgers get ready to announce the former Yankees skipper as their new manager. If Torre can duplicate the success he had in the Bronx at Chavez Ravine we're guessing Frank McCourt won't jettison him for Russell Martin years later

2 Kobe Bryant

Mamba learned the hard way that L.A. is a "ride or die city." If you aren't willing to ride out the bad times with them they'll turn their back on you quicker than a Steve Carrell movie.

3 Tony Romo

What a week for the QB of America's Team. First he's spotted out with Sophia Bush, then he reportedly gets a lap dance from Britney Spears at a Hollywood hot spot. Then he signs a $67.5 million contract with Dallas. We're guessing at some point he'll have time to game plan for the Eagles on Sunday.

4 Kim Kardashian

Moments after getting a sneak peak at KK's Playboy spread this month, we bumped into her at the premiere of Somebody Help Me at Grauman's Chinese Theater. Here's hoping one day they immortalize her with a backside print out front to go along with their illustrious hand and foot prints.

5 Free Tacos

Never before have tacos captured the attention of America the way they did after the World Series thanks to Taco Bell and Jacoby Ellsburry (aka Tacoby Bellsburry.

6 Trojans

Not only have we witnessed the collapse of Troy this season, we could be on the verge of seeing the program crumble even further after a lawsuit was levied against Reggie Bush by an ex-con claiming the Heisman Trophy winner received cash benefits while he was in school.

7 David Beckham

We're not sure if Becks hangs out with his teammates off the field but thanks to the paparazzi we know he likes having dinner with the likes of Tom Cruise and John Mayer at Château Marmont.

8 Erin Andrews

Just when we thought she couldn't get any hotter, our favorite sideline reporter said in an interview that she loves Extra Mustard. That's worthy of cracking the Top 10 any week. Work us into your next sideline report "Jub Jub" style and we'll move you all the way up to the penthouse baby.

9 Jonathan Papelbon

The only thing less exciting than the World Series is watching Papelbon do his "Irish Jig" dance for the umpteenth time.

10 Lauren Conrad

Please wake us up when her 15 minutes of fame are up.

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