December 12, 2007
1 David Beckham

It's been a busy week for "Golden Balls" as he taught Snoop Dogg and his kids the finer points of the beautiful game, showed off his pair in a fashion ad and was on the road with the Spice Girls where he spent time at a Vegas "gentleman's club" with Posh.

2 Jessica Alba

The most famous Golden State Warriors fan is pregnant and her boyfriend, Cash Warren, a childhood friend of Baron Davis, will be the father. We can only hope that "B-Diddy" (AKA "Boom Dizzle," AKA "The Beard") will be "The Godfather," giving him yet another nickname.

3 Tony Romo

After spending Thanksgiving with Jessica Simpson's parents, Romo introduced his new girlfriend to his folks this week. Apparently things are getting pretty serious with the pair. So what's the money line on Romo tying the knot with Simpson and starring in a remake of the Newlyweds by next year?.

4 Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The "Pretty Boy" attracted an A-List crowd to Vegas over the weekend to watch his 10th round TKO of Ricky Hatton, but only his Dancing With The Stars crew -- Mark Cuban, Helio Castronves and Wayne Newton -- were invited to be apart of his ring entourage and hold his championship belts.

5 Bobby Petrino

The coach of the Falcons on Monday night, the coach of Arkansas by Tuesday night, let's hope by Sunday night Petrino actually finds himself on a team that has a chance to win a championship next season.

6 Brooke Hogan

The Hulkster's little girl has been strutting her stuff around South Beach this week and telling anyone that will listen that her parents aren't really getting divorced. Oh yes, and the story line continues. Anyone else get the feeling that is all leading to a big Hogan family battle royal at WrestleMania?

7 Tim Tebow

The craziest college football season ever continues as a sophomore QB on a three-loss team not playing in a BCS Bowl game wins the Heisman. There goes one Heismandament and he's got two more years left to break another.

8 Joe Namath

Broadway Joe will finally get his degree from Alabama this Saturday after leaving school early in 1965, some 15 credits short. We have a feeling that Namath will be so happy about the event he'll want to kiss someone, in case he does you can watch the ceremony live as it happens.

9 Manny Ramirez

Apparently "Manny being Manny" these days entails selling your belongings on eBay. First he was auctioning off his grill and now his game-used underwear.

10 Anna Rawson

We've always had a big crush on Rawson, way back when we used to take communications classes with her at USC, and now we finally have an excuse to write about her after she earned an LPGA card last week. Expect to see her name in this space a lot, no matter how she fares on tour.

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