April 09, 2008
1 Mario Chalmers

Maybe it's just us, but we'd figure there'd be more "Super Mario" headlines after Monday's stellar national championship win by Kansas. Either way, Chalmers cemented his place in Shining Moments history with his title-saving three.

2 Bobby Knight

His stint with media may have been nothing more than a lovefest among old friends, but we actually thought his VW commercials were pretty funny.

3 Alonga Bondarenko

We don't know much about Alona, and even less about K-Swiss, but they're both on our radar now after this ad. That's what we call a successful marketing campaign.

4 Cristiano Ronaldo

The real Ronaldo these days is Manchester United's striker. He has the Red Devils at the top of the Premiership table, through to the semis of the Champions League and most importantly his model girlfriend hates wearing clothes.

5 Eli Manning

Spurning the celebutard eye candy most of his peers seem attracted to, Eli just got engaged to his college sweetheart, Abby McGrew. Sorry, Page Six, we wish it were Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan too.

6 Michael Vick

We knew the story of Vick racking up a bunch of yards in a prison football league were too good to be true. Either way, we still would love to see it.

7 Dick Vitale

Proving that if you scream long enough and hard enough anything is possible, Dickie V. finally got inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame this week. Although we're guessing there won't be a Hooters ad in the program.

8 Dallas Cowboys

In the hopes of reclaiming its gun-toting Super Bowl days the Cowboys are trying to trade for suspended cornerback Pacman Jones and sign recently arrested Chris Henry. No word yet if they are making a play for Vick's rights as well. At least there fans are getting into the spirit of things.

9 Mary Carey

Our good friend tells us she had fun with Jason Smith of the 76ers last week and proved it by sending us a cell phone picture of her in a Dwight Howard jersey. Ah, we love you Mary.

10 Lauren Conrad

So LC says she has a hard time finding a guy to date that doesn't want to be on a reality show. Um, maybe that's because the only reason people know you is because you're on a reality show. Just a guess, dear.

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