March 05, 2008
1 Brett Favre

The last time we had an NFL season without Favre starting under center Johnny Cash was doing Taco Bell commercials. Sad, isn't it? Well, don't get too down, something tells us this isn't the last we've seen of the old gunslinger, who shouldn't be so "mentally tired" come September.

2 WrestleMania

The celebrities keep rolling in for the WWE's Super Bowl. Not only is Floyd Mayweather taking on The Big Show, but 50 Cent will lead "Money" to the ring, John Legend will sing America The Beautiful, Snoop Dogg will MC a "BunnyMania" match and Kim Kardshian will be there as well.

3 Will Ferrell

OK, we contributed to this, but, please, enough already. We get it. Ferrell is a funny dude. He's in Semi-Pro. It's about the ABA. Anyone remotely associated with sports journalism was invited on set to cover it. Apparently everyone did. Can we move on now? It seems like the rest of America already has.

4 Sam Cassell

Say what you want about the Clippers (and we've said our fair share), but give them credit for giving "Sam I Am" $850,000 and a chance to win a ring with the Celtics rather than keeping him in jail, er with the Clippers.

5 Hulk Hogan

The Hulkster's divorce from his wife, Linda, is getting uglier by the day as information about his reported mistress, Christiane Plante, a former friend of his daughter Brooke, becomes public. What are the odds Vince McMahon will try to set up a match between Linda and Christiane with Hulk as the special guest referee at WrestleMania?

6 Jessica Simpson

Cosmopolitan honored the men who have dated Simpson ... wait, no they honored its Fun Fearless Males of the Year and invited Simpson's current boyfriend Tony Romo and former beaus John Mayer and Dane Cook. When asked if he was fun and fearless Romo joked, "If you date Jessica Simpson I guess you are."

7 Paris Hilton

Our least-favorite heiress flaunted off her acting abilities (or lack thereof) when she pranced around Hollywood with her "Guru," who turned out to be a Hollywood actor with an IMDB resume as ghastly as hers.

8 Oscar De La Hoya

After getting into some hot water for photos allegedly of him in drag with a stripper, De La Hoya's niece, Daisy, who is on VH-1's Rock of Love, continues the famly tradition with some racy photos of her own.

9 Hillary Clinton

We're not in the business of endorsing candidates here on the Hot List (we'll leave that to our boy Greg Oden), but we're always down for a good fight and it was nice to see Hillary get off the mat on Super Tuesday and take her primary battle with Barack Obama to the distance after appearing on SNL.

10 Ronny Turiaf

The Lakers are the hottest thing in L.A. right now, and Turiaf is unquestionably the heart of the team. This, of course, is news to the knuckleheads running the door at Hollywood "dead spot" Villa, who turned him away last week. Mad props to Ronny for not pulling the "do you know who I am card."

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