January 16, 2008
1 Jessica Simpson

We're not going to get into the whole Jessica Jinx thing again. We'll leave that to others. We'll just leave you with one last stat. The Cowboys' record before Simpson came into the picture: 12-1. After: 1-3. We're just saying, John Mayer. We're just saying.

2 Terrell Owens

Sure there may be hundreds of clips on YouTube of T.O. crying after the Cowboys lost to the Giants but only one gives us an excuse to sneak in a mention of our favorite sportscaster, Ines Sainz.

3 Tom Brady

He's really taking this perfect thing too far now. He was a dropped pass and a blown P.I. call away from throwing a perfect game in the playoffs. Oh well, he'll just have to settle for the highest completion percentage in NFL history and Gisele.

4 Congressional Hearing

So what did we learn from baseball's congressional hearings? Nothing new, really, well, not unless you count the fact that few in Congress are still able to pronounce Selig or Fehr's names properly.

5 Reggie Bush

What would you rather have: A Heisman Trophy or Kim Kardashian and a ton of cash? Yes, it's beginning to become apparent why Bush, right or wrong, could care less about his "Tarnished Heisman."

6 LeBron James

King James was unstoppable as he went for 51 points against Memphis this week, but TMZ was more interested in people that could actually slow him down when he tried going over 51.

7 Tony Sparano

Get ready for countless Tony Soprano jokes in South Beach as the Dolphins hire the Cowboys' assistant head coach. While you wait for James Gandolfini to roam the sidelines at Dolphin Stadium, check out this classic parody.

8 Chargers

The Bolts are making it hard to root for the underdog this week. We were already growing tired of trash talking Philip Rivers chewing out fans and now we have to listen to Igor Olshanky run his mouth? Listen guys, in the immortal words of Ron Burgundy, "Stay classy, San Diego."

9 Macbook Air

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is the Tom Brady of the technological world right now. He can do no wrong. We don't need a laptop but we just have to get this cafeteria-tray thin notebook when it comes out.

10 Jenna Jameson

Retirement?! We might have expected this from Brett Favre or Tony Dungy, but not you Jenna. We expected more from you. Much, much more.

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