January 09, 2008
1 Matt Leinart

So we ran into Leinart on the field before the Rose Bowl. He still couldn't believe his boy Bron Heussenstamm made it on the Hot List ahead of him. We told him he needed to pick his game up. It didn't take him too long.

2 Reggie Bush

Every since Bush and Kim Kardashian went public with their relationship on New Year's, there have been new pictures of the couple rolling in every day. Our favorite so far is of them looking like Run DMC.

3 Tony Romo

There is nothing better than listening to Wade Philips' press conferences this year. The 60-year-old Cowboys coach has been relegated to the equivalent of Romo's publicist. This week he spent most of his session answering questions about Romo's bye-week vacation to Mexico with Jessica Simpson.

4 Tom Brady

While Romo was crucified by the media for relaxing with his girlfriend away from the field, Brady was busy roaming the streets of New York with Gisele. In case you're wondering about the double standard Tony, it's simple, he's Tom Brady and you're not.

5 Alycia Lane

Our favorite news anchor was let go after a tumultuous year that included racy e-mailed pictures, love triangles and assaulting a police officer. What are the chances she'll bounce back on the NFL Network next to Rich Eisen? That might actually make us want to get the channel.

6 Roger Clemens

Does anyone actually believe Clemens at this point? Watching his denials, it's becoming apparent why his council was hiding him from the public for so long. We haven't seen a denial that convincing since Bill Clinton's infamous, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" line.

7 David Beckham

It's been a minute, but Becks got to see what it's like to train with a real football club again when he stepped on the pitch with Arsenal, near his London home this week.

8 American Gladiators

Despite some criticisms early on, Gladiators garnered the highest rating for a show premiere on NBC since 2006. It did so well, in fact, that it's even getting a second run. You know, just in case you missed all those injuries.

9 Pamela Anderson

It looks like Anderson got over her marital problems with Rick Solomon quite nicely as she snuggled with Vancouver Canucks mascot Fin during the Canucks' game against the Rangers last week.

10 Britney Spears

We all know Spears is a train wreck, but she turned out to be saner than we all thought while she was in the hospital last week. She refused to speak to Dr. Phil. She may not be that bad after all.

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