January 03, 2008
1 Kim Kardashian

She may be denying her engagement to Reggie Bush now, but if her previous denials that she and Bush were an item are any indication, we should be getting our wedding invitations in the mail next week.

2 SI Swimsuit Models

There was a time when SI had to stretch to find a connection between sports and body painted beauties. Not anymore. First, Selita Ebanks was spotted with Osi Umenyiora and now Brooklyn Decker is being seen around town with Andy Roddick.

3 L.A. Lakers

OK, so they may not be as good as we thought they were but you have to respect a team that goes back to the short shorts on retro night. Even if Kobe Bryant said he felt "naked" and "violated" by the fashion statement. "I don't know what it feels like to wear a thong," he said. "But I imagine it feels something like what we had on."


There's no need to pile on the Bowl Championships Series ... but we will anyway. Everyone knows it's a terrible system that offered up the worst slate of New Year's bowl games in recent memory. Now that we can all agree on that can we please do away with it and get some kind of playoff going? Wait, you're right, that would make too much sense.

5 Tom Brady

We're not sure what is most impressive. Brady's record-breaking season or the fact that he gets to go home to Gisele every night. How about the fact that he can do both and still, in the words of Peter King, "look more stylish 20 minutes after a football game than the rest of us looked on our wedding days."

6 Will Ferrell

How much pull does Ferrell have at USC? The school gave him two of their five allotted sideline passes for the Rose Bowl, one for him and another for his old college roommate. After being denied a pass last year, we're guessing Reggie Bush was fine watching the game with you-know-who. Yes, we will link to her as many times as we can from here on out. Deal with it.

7 Chris Bosh

We haven't filled out our ballots for the NBA All-Star Game yet, but there's no doubt that Bosh is getting our vote when we do. Sorry, we can't help it. we were suckers for Cal Worthington growing up. Some things never change.

8 Jessica Simpson

With Terrell Owens looking like he'll be healthy for the Cowboys' divisional home game, the only question will be if Jessica will show up for her first home game since she "cursed" Tony Romo last month. We're guessing she will be somewhere in the house, hidden away from Joe Buck and his prying eyes.


There's nothing like a good game outdoors in inclement weather. Something tells us if the NHL played all its games outdoors, preferably in the snow like the Winter Classic, that it would immediately become one of this country's major sports once again.

10 Paris Hilton

Something tells us that Hilton will slide down the celbutard ladder in 2008 faster than Britney Spears. So far she's on schedule. She spent two nights partying with K-Fed in Vegas and reportedly got cozy with Larry Birkhead during a New Year's Eve party. Sounds like a hell of a year so far.

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