April 30, 2008
Pop Culture Hot List
By Arash Markazi
1 Ronaldo
One of the greatest soccer players is in hiding after a run-in with crossing dressing prostitutes in Brazil and an unnamed police inspector told a Brazilian newspaper that Ronaldo had "cried", saying the affair could spell the end of his career. Fans of Real Madrid would argue that happened a couple years ago.
2 Mindy McCready
We had no idea who McCready was before last week, but apparently she's trying to repair some sort of country music career. It couldn't come at a better time after it was revealed that she had an affair with Roger Clemens. We're guessing the controversy will spark her career the same way it did for another singing mistress.
3 Hulk Hogan
So The Hulkster likes hanging out with his daughter and her friends -- sometimes a little too much. But there must be some sort of line when it comes to applying lotion on her rear end. He should really take a lesson from Florida schools and just say, "No, brother!"
4 Barry Zito
After a 0-6 start and a 7.53 ERA, Zito went from being the highest paid pitcher to being the highest paid reliever in baseball. At this pace he's on the fast track to being the highest paid player out of the league before the end of his seven-year $126 million contract.
5 Barack Obama
OK, we get it already. Obama can play ball. Does he need to do a photo-op at every stop? This week the presidential candidate showed off his skills against Roy Williams' Tar Heels. We're still waiting on Hillary Clinton to challenge Obama to a pick-up game.
6 Candace Parker
The average WNBA player makes around $60,000 per season. The league's No. 1 pick this season is certainly not "average." While she will be making a similar salary to her peers, she's expected to make close to $10 million annually in endorsements. Makes sense considering more people will see her ads than see her play.
7 Jason Taylor
The judges on Dancing With The Stars might love Taylor, unfortunately for him Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Toniolo aren't running the Dolphins, Bill Parcells is and he doesn't think "Storming Jason is master and commander."
8 Jon Bon Jovi
It isn't often we get to break entertainment news here but Bon Jovi dropped us a nice little nugget on his tour-ending show at Central Park when we talked to him last week. In return we reversed the SI jinx he was afraid of as his Soul kept its unbeaten record in tact by blowing out Dallas on Monday.
9 Jeff Reed
No player in the NFL, not even Matt Leinart, has more party pictures online than the Pittsburgh Steelers kicker. Good thing he's one of the best in the league because usually taking pictures of your crotch, dancing topless at a bar, and most recently wearing a sash, a bib and a tiara at a Vegas pool party would be a concern.
10 Coleen McLoughlin
While Wayne Rooney was out, nursing a hip injury as Manchester United advanced to the Champions League final. Rooney's girlfriend was nursing drinks poolside in Miami as the London tabloids continue to cover her exploits stateside.

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