November 14, 2007
1 Boston

While it was fun reading Boston Illustrated for the past month, it will be refreshing to find out what's going on outside of New England when I get SI this week -- unless they went with the cover of Tom Brady hooking up with Gisele on the beach during his bye week. On second thought, that wouldn't be so bad.

2 Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Our least favorite Hasselbeck (we sort of like Matt and can't recall Tim ever throwing a pass) had a baby boy this week. We join Rosie O'Donnell in congratulating Elisabeth and Tim on the birth of Taylor, a name that will no doubt become as much a staple of morning television as Cody Gifford.

3 Venus Williams

The reigning Wimbledon champ showed up to a benefit in Madrid last week looking ready to compete with Roger Federer, and we don't mean on the court.

4 Shaquille O'Neal

As if it wasn't already bad enough that the Heat are flopping worse than a Britney Spears live show, Shaq's his ex-wife is now filing suit to find out exactly how much the Diesel's rolling in so she can take as much of it as she can.

5 Carmen Electra

We nearly breezed past an e-mail about Carmen suing NWWL Productions before realizing that NWWL stood for Naked Women's Wrestling League. Electra, who worked on DVDs such as Operation Naked Storm, Twin Peaks and Tag Team Dream, for NWWL, claims they never paid her in full. Forget about the lawsuit, where can we find these DVDs?

6 Jessica Simpson

Let's see if we can do the math on this one. Steve Guttenberg + Jessica Simpson + Terrible Script = Blockbuster Bomb.

7 Matt Leinart

One week after being supplanted by his buddy Bron Heussenstamm on this list (and talking about it on his radio show) Leinart returns after selling his 6,800-square-foot Ahwatukee home to Amare Stoudemire for $1.9 million. So what if that's $500,000 less than what Leinart paid for it, Stoudemire paid for the house in cash.

8 Lindsay Soto

There's been a lot of Erin Andrews fawning on this site recently (guilty as charged) but the Hot List's vote for America's Sexiest Sportscaster is going to the one hottie who probably wants nothing to do with the list. Sorry Soto, we had to do it.

9 Lamar Odom

Our favorite Laker (yeah, Kobe, you read that right) threw a birthday party last week in Hollywood. We made a brief cameo but the most impressive sighting, aside from Kendra, was Odom's Bill Cosby rainbow sweater.

10 O.J. Simpson

Anyone else getting flashbacks watching O.J. sitting in a courtroom listening to testimony this week? We can only pray that something good comes of this situation and that someone involved in this case will end up with a daughter as hot as Kim Kardashian. God bless you Robert Kardashian.

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