May 14, 2008
Pop Culture Hot List
By Arash Markazi
1 Tony Romo
If Cowboys fans were cringing at the sight of Romo fumbling his way through Take Me Out to the Ballgame at Wrigley Field, they are no doubt grinning at the news that Romo may have ended his relationship with Jessica "The Curse" Simpson.
2 LeBron James
This clip of King James telling his mom to sit her, ahem, behind down during a scuffle with Paul Pierce has more than two million views in less than 24 hours. Our favorite part of the clip is towards the end when Doug Collins calls James, "Wise beyond his years." If only he was around when we were talking back to our mom.
3 O.J. Mayo
Can we all agree that USC should probably refrain from recruiting anybody named O.J. for at least another 40 years?
4 Terrell Owens
So T.O. is acting now, huh? Why do we get the feeling he's going to use his new vocation as an excuse to turn the Cowboys' upcoming Hard Knocks reality show into a soap opera staring, who else but No. 81?
5 Bowling Beauties
Howard Stern has always been a visionary, and now he's shifting his attention to the sports world with his Bowling Beauties tournament on Howard TV. Our money is on Krista Ayne who stole our hearts when she was featured in a music video for Pittsburgh Slim.
6 Bill O'Reilly
By now you've probably seen the video of Mr. "No Spin Zone" spin out of control back in his Inside Edition days. Well, in case you get tired of that visual (and we're not sure if that's possible) check out this song remixed from the clip by the one and only Revolucion. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
7 Kim Kardashian
We jokingly (sort of) predicted that the calendar "The Tush" did for "The Bush" would somehow make its way online much like another sexy gift she made for her ex-boyfriend. Well, that didn't take long, did it?
8 Erin Andrews
Our favorite sportscaster not named Lindsay Soto was revealing (and we're not talking about the blue dress she was wearing) while talking about bloggers helping her stay in shape on CNBC's The Big Idea.
9 Ultimate Warrior
We admit to marking out for Warrior during our younger days, but this footage of a geriatric Warrior going nuts in the ring wearing a suit is the most depressing comeback video we've seen since New Kids on The Block rehearsing Step By Step for their comeback tour, which starts this week by the way.
10 Laird Hamilton
Taking a page out of Stephon Marbury's playbook, our surfing buddy is launching his own line of affordable surf wear this week called Wonderwall with all items priced at "$9.98 or less." Good thing, because we weren't about to pay a penny over $9.99 for his board shorts.

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