February 06, 2008
1 Eli Manning

Call us morbid, but after leading the Giants to the biggest upset in the greatest Super Bowl ever, we can't wait until his first bad game at the Meadowlands. How long before Jints fans start booing the QB again? We're putting the over/under around midseason.

2 Shaquille O'Neal

The sexiest trade the NBA has seen in years will also prove to be one of the most lopsided deals by season's end when the Suns are eliminated from the playoffs and Shaq decides to retire while Dwyane Wade, Shawn Marion and Michael Beasley begin to form the nucleus of the Heat's next title run.

3 Tom Brady

Finally, we have a reason to call for a "Gisele Jinx." Sure, it's a bit ridiculous since Brady played well enough to win the Super Bowl and rolled through18 straight games before, but how many Super Bowls has he won since he's been with the supermodel? We're just saying.

4 Pau Gasol

After failing to land an All-Star companion for Kobe Bryant the past three years, Mitch Kupchak somehow pulled off the steal of the century, trading the most hated Laker in recent memory (Kwame Brown) and some spare parts for Gasol, a 27-year-old all-star forward in the prime of his career.

5 Kate Mara

The only complaint we have about the Super Bowl coverage after reviewing the game tape (see, we do our research) is the lack of shots of our girl Kate Mara. Nothing against John and Chris Mara, but if we're going to be talking about the football family there's only face we want the camera to zoom in on.

6 Tony Romo

We caught up with Joe Simpson at a Super Bowl party and asked him what he thought of the Cowboys QB and his little girl. "Tony and Jessica have something really special," he said. "I mean its one of those relationships where I wouldn't be surprised if they got married tomorrow."

7 Selita Ebanks

We took in the Super Bowl not far from the SI Swimsuit model who was decked out in her Giants gear and cheering for her man, Osi Umenyiora. Finally, a player with a hot girlfriend that isn't associated with a curse. Well, not yet anyway.

8 Bobby Knight

The only downside of Knight's resignation from Texas Tech this week was that it was a resignation and not a retirement. We can only hope this is the last we see of "The General" who has done more to overshadow his unparalleled career than anyone else.

9 Marisa Miller

The SI Swimsuit model looked stunning at the Club SI party at the Super Bowl; completely blowing away her counterparts at the Victoria's Secret party the same night. We've known her boxing trainer, Phil Paolina, for years and if she's surviving his workouts, she's just as tough as she is gorgeous.

10 Chris Berman

One of the wackiest scenes we saw during our Super Bowl party travels last week was Berman, Dwight Clark and Joe Montana huddled in a VIP booth at the Madden Bowl with an endless supply of booze and beauties around them. Something tells us it was a slightly more relaxing moment for "Boomer" than this one. (Warning: Link contains strong language.).

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