June 03, 2008
Pop Culture Hot List
By Arash Markazi
1 NBA Finals
Does it get any better than this? The most anticipated Finals in nearly two decades brings us the Lakers vs. Celtics, The Boston Three Party vs. KB24 & Company, a total of 30 NBA championships and a bevy of classic clips. Even the old Forum is going retro this month.
2 Kimbo Slice
For those that don't follow MMA, the marketing push behind this guy and his fight against James "Tennis Ball Ear" Thompson on Saturday, was the equivalent of an And 1 hoops game getting more national exposure than the NBA Finals. We'd much rather watch Kimbo's work with the "Reality Kings."
3 Shawne Merriman
Taking a page out of Floyd Mayweather's publicity book, Lights Out showed up ringside at the WWE's No Way Out pay-per-view on Sunday and got involved, hitting Chavo Guerrero over the head with a cane in a five-way "Singapore Cane match." No word yet if he'll celebrate by making it rain with fake money now.
4 Big Brown
Almost as impressive as Biggie's bid to become the first Triple Crown winner in 30 years is news that he'll fetch a reported $60 million in stud fees if he wins the Belmont. That means he'll make far more for, um, making whoopee, than he ever did competing in his sport, easily making him an idol to athletes everywhere.
5 Gisele Bundchen
You know things are serious when you trust your parents to be with your girlfriend when you're not there. That was the case this week as Gisele showed Tom Brady's folks around New York and gave them a taste of what the paparazzi is like.
6 Terrell Owens
That T.O. gamble sure paid of for the Cowboys as they made their once disgruntled wide-out one of the highest paid receivers in the league. Now, if he can just stay focused.
7 Eva Longoria
The only (and we mean the ONLY) thing bad about the Spurs being knocked out of the playoffs is the lack of close-ups we'll get of Eva this week, but it seems even she knew that it was the Lakers' time.
8 Jason Taylor
So J.T. isn't demanding a trade, but he's certainly open to it and said as much at a press conference where he announced that he'll play one more year before pursuing an acting career. Anyone know what the going rate is for a pass rusher with one year in his tank and an eye towards Hollywood?
9 Usain Bolt
Timing is everything and unfortunately for Bolt (great track name, by the way), being the fastest man on the planet after setting a world record time of 9.72 seconds in the 100 meters is the equivalent of being the home run leader or a politician these days. We're all just a little skeptical.
10 Lance Armstrong
So apparently things are getting serious between Armstrong and Kate Hudson. After steaming up the Dolce & Gabbana party in Cannes last week, the couple was seen getting cozy around Austin this week. Just don't tell Hudson's ex and Armstrong's (ex?) buddy Owen Wilson.

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