December 19, 2007
1 Jessica Simpson

If the Cowboys continue to struggle down the stretch, how long is it before folks in Dallas start comparing Tony Romo's new girlfriend to Yoko Ono. The only thing worse than Romo's performance last Sunday was Simpson's pink Cowboys jersey.

2 Gisele Bundchen

The supermodel celebrated her one-year anniversary with Tom Brady by watching her man beat the Jets. While she has been spotted at many games this season wearing a No. 12 shirt, she hasn't had the same effect on her signal caller as Simpson -- Brady is 19-1 as a starter since the two hooked up.

3 Will Ferrell

One of the greatest Web videos ever finally has a "Criterion Edition" as Ferrell, donning his USC sweatshirt, and Adam McKay talk about what it took to make The Landlord. Who would have thought it was filmed on the same oil tanker used in The Abyss?

4 George Mitchell

This is the first (and we hope last) time a Senate Majority Leader makes the Pop Culture Hot List but when said leader single handedly brings down the game of baseball with one report he at least deserves to replace Britney Spears in this space.

5 Snoop Dogg

The "D-O Double G" got "Golden Balls" to teach him and his kids a thing or two about soccer recently and chronicled it all for his reality show. The highlight of the segment might actually be the order he places for himself and Becks at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles after the lesson.

6 Dan Marino

First, he opens up a restaurant inside of a Hooters hotel and now he's launching his own line of vodka. We're not sure what to think of this "new" Marino, but we can't wait to see what he'll put his name on next.

7 Mike Greenberg

The proliferation of Mike & Mike on our airwaves hit a new level this week as "Greeny" put on his game-show host combover for Duel, a tournament-style competition that apparently requires the host to use loads of Purrell when dealing with contestants.

8 Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice is still touring with the Spice Girls (if you care, their new documentary is "mayjah."), but Posh makes this list after giving an, um, interesting interview about David Beckham this week.

9 Kobe Bryant

Remember when Bryant was begging to be traded to the Bulls? That seems like forever ago now as Bryant says he's "happy" to be on the Lakers, who are 15-9, including a couple blowouts over the Bulls, who are 8-14.

10 Pete Rose

The only thing funnier than Roger Clemens denying he took steroids or HGH or any other performance enhancers (c'mon, you have to admit to taking something at this point) is Pete Rose saying that steroid users are "making a mockery" of baseball. OK, Pete maybe you should sit this one out and go back to signing apology autographs in Vegas.

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