February 20, 2008
1 Michael Jordan

He threw the most star-studded party during NBA All-Star weekend to celebrate his new shoe. At one point Jordan teased Spike Lee about the Knicks and Isiah Thomas. "They should have fired him by now," said Jordan. "I said they should have fired him last year."

2 Eva Longoria

Tony Parker showed off his romantic side on Valentine's Day, taking Longoria to the NBA Live All-Star Challenge, an eight-player video-game tournament. At least Parker won, with Longoria sitting by his side. "[The players] were saying she would be bad luck but obviously [she wasn't]," said Parker.

3 Kim Kardashian

The crazy crew from Keeping Up With The Kardashians were in The Big Easy last week and cheered on Khloe as she beat Shaquille O'Neal in a game of Billiards and pestered Terrell Owens into bidding $81,000 for Kim's diamond earrings during a charity auction. "I brought my sisters here for the first time after coming here about once a week to see Reggie," said Kim.

4 Jay-Z

The one and only Jay Hova teamed up with LeBron James to throw an exclusive "2 Kings" dinner and after party in New Orleans, which was attended by Spike Lee, Beyonce and Ludacris among others. "I've known LeBron since high school and he's become a little brother to me," said Jay-Z.

5 Jason Kidd

Our favorite scene during All-Star Weekend was sitting next to Kidd and Mark Cuban during the 2 Kings Dinner and Cuban at one point putting his arm around Kidd, who asked when he was coming back to Dallas, to which Cuban responded, "Very soon" He was right, within 48 hours Kidd was with the Mavs.

6 Phil Jackson

We ran into Jax before the Lakers-Hawks game and asked if he had turned in his retirement papers with players coming out back to the league to pick up a paycheck just so they could be included in a trade. "No I haven't, I came out of retirement twice," he said with a smile. "The league has to do something about this though it's become a little bit of a sham."

7 Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

While he needs to brush up on his acting skills (we never thought we'd say that about Maywather), we're pretty excited to see how the 5-foot-8 "Pretty Boy" stacks up against the 7-foot-4 Big Show at WrestleMania XXIV. Mayweather already showed he could break Show's nose.

8 Jason Taylor

It's hard to knock a competition where Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice are your counterparts, but don't you think Taylor has bigger things to worry about this off-season than Dancing With The Stars and trying to knock off the likes of Steve Guttenberg and Adam Corolla?

9 Dwight Howard

The slam dunk contest is more about everything surrounding the dunk than the actual dunk itself these days, but as long as Dwight "Superman" Howard is in the competition, the event will again be relevant. In one fell swoop Howard made sure of that with the most innovative and exciting performance in a decade when he won the dunk contest last Saturday.

10 Rolls-Royce

We're not car aficionados, but we couldn't help but gaze at this limited edition Rolls Royce Phantom, one of two ever created, roll around New Orleans, escorting the likes of Shaquille O'Neal, Dwyane Wade and Gabrille Union among others to different parties last weekend.

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