April 16, 2008
Pop Culture Hot List
By Arash Markazi
1 Kobe Bryant
Not only is "Cape" going to win the MVP after leading the Lakers to best record in the West but he's become quite the pitchman, jumping over an Aston Martin for Nike and doing a face-off with Shaq for the NBA Playoffs.
2 Spike Lee
Feeling the need to get away from the Knicks, Lee spent last week with the Lakers before filming a day in the life documentary on Kobe Bryant. "Well, I don't think we'd get the money [to make a film about] Nate Robinson," says Lee.
3 Carmelo Anthony
'Melo was arrested this week on DUI charges and apologized for the "bad timing." Denver police tried to help Melo with his timing after the arrest, promptly dropping him off at a Ritz Carlton to be with his fiance La La Vazquez and leaving his car at a local lot for him to pick-up.
4 Trevor Immelman
After winning The Masters, Immelman was invited to meet the Celtics during halftime of their game against the Knicks this week. "There might have been a trainer that was shorter than me," said the 5-foot-9 Immelman. "But I'm standing next to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, and I'm belt-high. It's pretty incredible that human beings are that damn big."
5 Cal Ripken Jr.
Our favorite sports rumor of all-time was addressed by Ripken during an interview with NPR this week and not surprisingly he denied it. Nevertheless, the mental image of the whole alleged affair still makes us smile.
6 USC Song Girls
In case you're wondering how Pete Carroll is able to recruit the best players from around the country, look no further than last weekend's Swim With Mike event where football players pushed bikini clad Song Girls around the pool to raise $1.2 million for charity.
7 Ana Ivanovic
The lovely Ivanovic, who once helped us out with our tennis game, is featured on a limited edition Serbian stamp, created for the upcoming Olympics. We would have featured this shot on the stamp, but we understand that might have been a bit distracting for mailmen.
8 David Beckham
Becks has become quite the Lakers fan these days, taking his wife and kids to a couple games last week and chatting up Kobe Bryant and his wife, who attended a Galaxy game with their kids. "I wanted to play soccer when I was growing up in Italy," says Bryant. "But when the other kids saw how I kicked they put me in goal."
9 Lauren Conrad
We can add another celebrity-inspired curse to our sports lexicon, "The curse of L.C." After her Kings finished with the worst record in the NHL, Conrad started blogging about the Ducks. "Is there anything you guys think I should know as I watch the Ducks?" she wrote in her blog. Yes, that they went down 0-2 in the playoffs since you adopted them.
10 Morris Chestnut
Hollywood's version of the Nuggets, led by Chestnut and Drew Lachey won the NBA Entertainment League championship last week, beating the Cavaliers, led by Will Ferrell and Terry Crews, 71-63. "It's nice to finally get the ring," said Chestnut, who's been in the NBA sponsored celebrity league since it began nine years ago. "There's a lot of bragging rights with that ring in this business."

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