March 19, 2008
1 Ashley Alexandra Dupree

You know all that talk about Eliot Spitzer's call girl raking in about $5 million from her newfound fame? Well, it looks like those offers are about to dry up faster than her 15 minutes. We never thought we'd say this, but, "Thank you Joe Francis."

2 David Beckham

After a long layoff Becks is back on the list after getting some new ink on the left side of his body and showing it off during a charity match in Dallas last week. We don't understand any of Golden Ball's tattoos so we'll take the Telegraph's word on what the newest one means.

3 Jessica Simpson

Who knows if wedding bells are in the future for Tony Romo and Simpson, but they were at Bobby Carpenter's wedding and looked cozy at the Lakers-Mavs game in Dallas. When Simpson was asked who she wanted to win she said, "I live in L.A., I'm a little torn but I want him to be in a good mood tonight so I'm going to have to go with what he says."

4 Derek Jeter

Kudos to Jeter and the Yankees for traveling to Virginia Tech for a charity game with the Hokies and donating $1 million to the school. No word yet if Jeter found a potential girlfriend in Blacksburg as he discussed with reporters before the trip.

5 Tiger Woods

Maybe we're just naïve and we think all big-name athletes know each other but we were shocked that LeBron James had never met Tiger Woods before Tuesday's Cavs-Magic game.

6 Kristy Lee Cook

The only reason we watch American Idol is living on borrowed time on the show, but if she sticks to singing the national anthem, we're hoping she finds her way to one of the games we're covering.

7 Pete Carroll

For a second we thought we had lost a good friend when Carroll's Facebook page disappeared. Thankfully it has been restored. "Facebook incorrectly disabled it for a day or so because they thought it was a farce," said Ben Malcolmson, who runs the page and Carroll's site.

8 Maria Sharapova

We're not totally sure if this is Sharapova tossing the old pigskin around in Indian Wells, but if it is, we'd take a day analyzing her form over Matt Ryan's any day of the week.

9 Ronny Turiaf

A couple weeks ago we mentioned that Turiaf was having trouble getting into Hollywood hot spot Villa. Well, it looks like those days are over. Unfortunately for Ronny, the Lakers reign atop the West might be done as well.

10 Ellen DeGeneres

Speaking of Villa, we were at the club the other night and someone told us we danced like Ellen Degeneres. We weren't sure what that meant since we'd never seen her show, let alone seen her dance. Now that we have, we must sadly agree.

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