March 26, 2008
1 Baron Davis

Cash Warren and Jessica Alba threw a surprise birthday party for Boom Dizzle while he was in Los Angeles to play the Lakers. Even though he and his Warriors teammates celebrated until 2 a.m., they beat the Lakers later that night proving that good things come to those who party hard.

2 Chad Johnson

So where was "Ocho Cinco" and T.J. Houshmandzadeh when they should have been Cincinnati working out with the rest of their teammates? Partying with the likes of Reggie Bush and Khloe Kardashian (sorry, we wish it were Kim, too) in L.A. at Baron Davis' party.

3 Mardy Fish

The unseeded American tennis player who defeated Roger Federer in straight sets last weekend would have had a good weekend even if he hadn't shocked the tennis world. He recently got engaged to his girlfriend, Stacey Garder, the model who holds the No. 2 suitcase in Deal or No Deal.

4 Bill Clinton

The former president picked UCLA, Memphis North Carolina and Georgetown to make the Final Four, with the Hoyas winning it all. "My heart's with Georgetown," Clinton told James Carville on his XM show. "But my head tells me it's going to be Carolina or Memphis." Well, at least his head's still alive.

5 Joe and Gavin Maloof

The Kings owners have been in a giving mood. They appeared on Oprah's Big Give last week, and now say they'd love to help Britney Spears revive her career at their Vegas hotel, The Palms. "It's crossed our mind," says Gavin. "It'd be worth millions. We're close to the Spears family and she'd be great."

6 Claudia Porras

We don't follow women's basketball but we'd be watching the tournament if UTEP and Porras were still playing. Unfortunately they got knocked out by Stanford this week. Here's hoping she resurfaces in the WNBA.

7 Jason Taylor

"The Mambo King," as Dancing With The Stars judge Len Goodman calls him, might be the favorite to win after he and partner Edyta Sliwinska became the first pair to perform an encore dance at the judges request. We're guessing that disco ball trophy won't erase the memory of a one-win season.

8 Sara Evans

The former Dancing star just got engaged to sports radio talk show host Jay Barker. We're guessing Barker, who hosts morning drive with Al Del Greco on WJOX in Birmingham, hasn't hit it this big since he quarterbacked Alabama to the national championship in 1992.

9 Rick Astley

After getting "Rick Rolled" all of last week, we were excited to find out that our man Rick Astley just started touring again. Too bad, it's only in Europe. We can only imagine how a "Rick Rolled" Tour would do on college campuses here in the States.

10 Jose Canseco

Jose is back and trying sell another book. This time he's accusing A-Rod of using steroids. At least he was smart enough to throw in the sex angle, claiming A-Rod made a play for his wife.

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