April 02, 2008
1 Tom Brady

There's nothing wrong with holding Gisele's purse, picking up her mail and taking out her laundry, but when being whipped, er, those activities come before the Patriots' voluntary workouts, which Brady skipped out on to be with his supermodel girlfriend, there's a problem.

2 Matt Leinart

Nothing against our old buddy, believe us, there's nothing we'd rather do than hang out with a quartet of Arizona co-eds, but next time, let's leave the digital camera at home before holding the beer bong.

3 Jenna Jameson

David Beckham was at Hyde this week and he had a little run-in with Jameson. Actually, Becks' presence at the Hollywood club knocked the porn queen out of her booth. "He's the only guy I would get out of my seat for," she said. "Only because I think his wife is hot."

4 LeBron James

King James was dominating another court in Cleveland last week as he was trying a case as a successful defense attorney in a Vitaminwater ad that will debut during the NBA Playoffs. We know this because we made a cameo in the commercial, but more on that down the road.

5 Floyd Mayweather Jr.

There was little doubt that Mayweather would walk away from WrestleMania a winner. You know, because it's scripted. The only question is how much he actually made from embarrassing himself and tarnishing his career. Whatever it was, we hope it was worth it.

6 Joe Torre

The Dodgers' new skipper is undefeated so far in Los Angeles and he can partly thank Billy Crystal, who wrote him a note before his first game as he did when he was with the Yankees. We can only hope he doesn't sign his buddy to a contract like his former team did.

7 Barack Obama

There aren't many things we can do better than the presidential candidate, but we're fairly certain we could bowl better than Obama, who scored a 37 last week while on the campaign trail. "My economic plan is better than my bowling," Obama told the crowd. "It has to be," said one witty onlooker.

8 Kim Kardashian

The Tush was in Orlando for WrestleMania last week with The Bush in tow. While that usually means sulking in the corner and shying away from the media he was able to chill with his old backfield mate LenDale White, who was serving as Snoop Dogg's wingman before the wrestling show.

9 John Mayer

The funniest singer with a blog was at it again last week. After attending the Red Sox-A's game in Japan, Mayer did his best baseball announcer impersonation and introduced a catch phrase that we're sure will be sweeping SportsCenter highlights in the near future. "And...that happened!"

10 Brooklyn Decker

We shared a drink with Andy Roddick at the SI Swimsuit Party and told him that our pal Brooklyn was a keeper. "She's the type of girl you settle down with," we told the tennis star. Apparently he agreed. The happy couple is getting married this summer and we fully expect an invite.

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