May 21, 2008
Pop Culture Hot List
By Arash Markazi
1 Jon Lester
Easily, our favorite story of the year. Sure, we could act surprised that Lester beat cancer, won the World Series and threw a no-hitter within the past 21 months, then again we knew our friend was destined for greatness all along.
2 Jason Taylor
OK, we get being obligated to finish out your run with Dancing With The Stars. Not sure if The Tuna will, but we get it, really. What we don't get is missing mini-camp to do morning talk shows, party in L.A. and head to Vegas for the weekend. We can't even see T.O. doing something like that.
3 Tony Romo
The on-again-off-again relationship with Jessica Simpson seems to be, well, we're not-sure-again but we're guessing that Romo has moved on and will no doubt be dating some other curse carrying celebutard once the Cowboys open camp about an hour outside of Hollywood this summer.
4 Candace Parker
How good was Parker's pro debut (34 points, 12 rebounds, eight assists) last weekend? Well, it's the first time we can ever remember a WNBA player's stat line four days, let alone one day, after the game.
5 Charles Barkley
So, Sir Charles says he's done with gambling. We'd probably come to the same conclusion if we dropped $400,000 at the Wynn. Actually we'd probably come to that conclusion after $400, but why do we get the sense we'll still see Barkley at the tables in Sin City this summer.
6 Jessicas
First Alba marries longtime boyfriend and Baron Davis' buddy Cash Warren, then Biel is rumored to be tying the knot with Justin Timberlake and we wouldn't be surprised if Simpson stuck a dagger into the hearts of Cowboys fans by marrying Romo. So, who exactly is the most attractive, eligible Jessica left in Hollywood?
7 Lance Armstrong
Almost as impressive as his seven Tour De France titles has been Armstrong's recent female conquests, ranging from Sheryl Crow to Ashley Olson and most recently Kate Hudson. Livestrong, indeed.
8 Ashley Tisdale
So The Tis was in Utah for the Lakers-Jazz game Friday. That's cool. But after sitting quietly behind the Lakers bench in a black shirt and chatting with Jazz fans, she slipped into a Kobe Bryant jersey after the Lakers won and ran through the tunnel behind the players like a die-hard. Not cool.
9 Aliana Lohan
Our favorite future train wreck seems to be on the fast track to following her sister's sleazy path to celebustardom with her new reality show, Living Lohan, which stars our favorite overbearing Hollywood parent. This is going to be good.
10 Ryan Hoag
The NFL's former "Mr. Irrelevant" apparently thinks the same about sex. The last pick of the 2003 NFL Draft says as much under his new moniker, Mr. Doesn't Have A Shot At Winning The Bachelorette This Season.

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