October 17, 2007
1 Tom Brady

Is anyone hotter than Brady these days? And we're not even talking about his ridiculous Stetson ads. First he slices threw Dallas' defense for a career-high five touchdowns and then he brilliantly sidesteps a pesky 1920s reporter during the postgame press conference.

2 Kobe Bryant

Wait, Kobe doesn't want to play for the Lakers? That's news to us. We have to give KB24 credit though. Within four years he's gotten the Lakers to trade Shaq for a bunch of no-names and is now on the verge of convincing them to trade him for a bunch of nobodies.

3 Justin Timberlake

The only thing more ridiculous than Timberlake's juxtaposed concert name (FutureSexLoveWhoNeedsSpacesInBetweenWordsShow) is the sight of him trying to play goalie for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

4 Richard Branson

Crazy stunts are nothing new for Sir Richard but rappelling 407-feet from the top of the Palms Casino can't be fun when you rip your pants and slice your hands while falling over 100 MPH. Thankfully the Virgin chief was able to play in a celebrity poker tournament later that night.


How can you not be pulling for a South Florida-Boston College national championship game at this point? If ever there was a reason for a playoff it would be the sight of the Bulls and Eagles playing for the crystal ball in the Superdome.

6 Elton John

Please stick to Rocket Man, not the racket, man.

7 Vinny Testaverde

Years from now, when someone tells you how long it takes to pick up an NFL offense, tell them the story of Testaverde. A 43-year-old retired quarterback who hadn't started a game in two years and went from watching football on his couch to leading a team to a win on the road less than one week later.

8 Mike Flynt

The best 59-year-old college football player ever made his debut for Sul Ross State last week. No word yet on where Mel Kiper Jr. has him going in next year's draft. Judging from Testaverde's success, however, the Panthers might be interested.

9 Frank Caliendo

We're not sure what we're more excited about? The Rockies sweeping their way through the playoffs or the fact that we were spared any more games with those incessant Frank TV ads.

10 Natalie Gulbis

We're not sure what Natalie is doing these days, but she sure looks good doing it

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