September 26, 2007
1 Mike Gundy

There's little doubt his tenure at Oklahoma State will be highlighted by one of the greatest postgame outbursts ever. The best part is he went through his tirade without dropping one curse word. It was like watching an old Bill Cosby set, you know, except without the maturity and humor.

2 Mike Leach

Lost in the whole Gundy firestorm, was Leach's classic meltdown down the hall, which led to the dismissal of his defensive coordinator. It was the equivalent of throwing a one-hitter, only to be upstaged by the opposing pitcher's perfect game.

3 Mark Cuban

They say that white guys can't dance and Cuban is doing very little to dismiss the myth.

4 Reggie Bush

With Deuce McAllister out for the season, "The President" might finally make as many appearances on the field as he does in commercials.
5 Mike Patrick

Nobody is more consumed about the well-being of Britney Spears than we are (OK, maybe Chris Crocker too), but I doubt even Chris would bring up Brit's next career move during the final play of an overtime game.

6 The Bradys

Tom Brady may be the hottest quarterback in the NFL, but we can't stop thinking about the steamy off-camera scenes between Marcia and Jan Brady.

7 Tony Romo

The only thing more impressive than Romo's start to the season is his girlfriend's new music video.

8 Oscar De La Hoya

It's looking more and more like those pictures of "The Golden Boy" dressing up as "The Golden Girl" might actually be real. Here's hoping Oscar leaves his new look at home if he decides to return to the ring.

9 Mike Tyson

When was the last time "Iron Mike" made headlines for doing something good? We're still thinking. Anyway, the former heavyweight champ pleaded guilty to drug possession and driving under the influence this week and now faces up to three years in prison.

10 Michael Vick

If you thought things couldn't get any worse for Vick, guess again. He was indicted on state dog fighting charges this week and could be in jail sooner and longer than we expected. Maybe he could bunk with Tyson. Now that would be a "Mike & Mike" that we'd tune in for.

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