October 03, 2007
1 Isiah Thomas

Just when the Knicks thought it would be safe to focus on basketball, a jury ordered the team to pay a former employee more than $11 million after they ruled she was sexually harassed by Thomas. That's not even the worst news. The team plans to appeal the ruling, which means basketball will again be on the backburner at the Garden.

2 Michael Vick

File this under a year late and $130 short: Vick attends, and passes, a voluntary PETA class in empathy and animal protection.

3 Ricky Williams

The suspended tailback is trying to break away from his pot-smoking image and is seeking reinstatement to the NFL. Good news: A group in Denver is pushing the Broncos to sign Williams. Bad news: The group also led a campaign to legalize marijuana possession in Denver.

4 Caveman

Exhibit A that a great commercial series doesn't make a great television series. Oh yeah, that's right, because it was meant to be a commercial.

5 Kanye West

Here's hoping the people at the Weblog Awards do the right thing and give a golden... whatever they give out to Mr. West now that he has his own blog. We wouldn't want to see him blow up at another awards show.

6 Ben Wallace

"Big Ben" without his headband was a bit like Samson without his hair. Thankfully, his teammates convinced coach Scot Skiles that there are worse things in life than allowing a player to keep his hair up and sweat out of his eyes.

7 Britney Spears

The "unfitney" mom lost custody of her two sons this week as the curse of the VMAs continues. Spears may be the only person on Earth that would make K-Fed look like a better parent.

8 Mr. Met

The only person (thing?) doing worse these days than Britney is the miserably lovable mascot of the New York Mets.

9 Kobe Bryant

If he were in a boy band, Bryant would have pulled a Timberlake and broken away years ago. As it is, he'll once again return to a supporting cast slightly better than N'Sync, as he wastes away the best years of his career.

10 Eva Longoria

So it might not be as the exciting as the rumored sex tape between Tony Parker and Longoria, but any "sex tape" featuring Longoria and a Hilton has to be good right? Maybe not.

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