September 19, 2007
1 O.J. Simpson

If the Juice somehow finds himself in the slammer for good this is the hands down story of the year. Only O.J., who was found innocent of double murder can find himself back in prison for trying to rob sports memorabilia from a run-down Vegas casino.

2 The Rock

The trailers for his new movie The Game Plan look terrible, but we're willing to give him a break. After all, he recently got divorced, although he cautions that being a beefcake bachelor isn't all it's cracked up to be. "My single life is a work in progress," he says. "Dating has been nonexistent."

3 Kanye West

There isn't a hotter artist right now than Mr. West, who easily took down 50 Cent in their head-to-head sales battle last week. He took time from sending his competition into early retirement to go back to Chicago and support Dwyane Wade during a charity event, but he still can't get any love from MTV.

4 Marc Ecko

The famous fashion designer has always had his finger on the pulse of today's market and he took it to a new level this week when he purchased Barry Bonds' record breaking 756th home run ball for about $750,000 and set up a Web site for fans to decide what he should do with it. Our vote: send it to the Moon.
5 Isiah Thomas

It's a wonder that Zeke has been able to keep his job after running the Knicks into the ground. It'll be a miracle if he keeps it after soiling his and the team's name during a trial with almost as many characters as the person who tops the rankings this week.

6 :-)

The cutest combination of three keystrokes turns 25 this week and we have Carnegie Mellon University professor Scott E. Fahlman to thank for that. Thanks professor, this winks ;-) for you.

7 Greg Oden

It isn't surprising that Oden profusely apologized to the Blazers organization after micro fracture surgery sidelined him for his entire rookie season. There isn't a nicer player in the NBA and we can only hope he works on his Beirut skills while he rehabs.

8 Byron Leftwhich

Let's hope Atlanta's new No. 7 fares better than the last one, and we're not even talking off-the-field. He can't be much worse than Joey Harrington.

9 Chris Crocker

The mastermind behind the "Leave Britney Alone!" video has not only cashed in himself but he's opened the doors for others like this guy, who just got picked up by "The World Wide Leader."

10 Terrell Owens

Chad Johnson might get all the hype for his TD dances but let's give credit where credit is due. T.O., whose Sharpie autographed football still sets the TD dance standard, proved that he's still got it by poking fun at Bill Belichick's "Spygate" mess after scoring against Miami.

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