By Dan George
April 27, 2005
MLB Power Rankings
Rank LW Team
16 22 Ryan Drese struck out only two batters in his first 25 1/3 innings -- a ratio of 0.71 per nine innings. Sounds like someone could use a good dose of Mark Bellhorn.
17 23 Thanks to getting the NL East in interleague play, they'll fly a major league-high 57,000 miles this season. "It stinks. It's stupid," said Scott Hatteberg. "We're off the charts as far as the worst travel." And they didn't even get to redeem their credit-card miles.
18 21 When Alex Rodriguez hit three homers Tuesday night, he became the first player to knock in 10 runs at Yankee Stadium. We expect comment from the Red Sox at any moment.
19 25 It took almost a month, but Troy Percival finally got his first save as a Tiger. That puts him on pace for ... nine. Not exactly what they had in mind when they gave him a two-year, $12 million deal over the winter.
20 20 With Barry Bonds on the DL, they've been struggling to score runs. It looks somewhat doubtful that using catcher Yorvit Torrealba as a pinch-runner, as they have done twice recently, will help much.
21 5 After firing hitting coach Mike Barnett, they snapped a five-game losing streak with a 7-5 win over the Devil Rays. That is, if you count doing it against Dewon Brazelton, the first pitcher in 56 years to begin his career with a 0-13 road record.
22 24 After suffering setbacks in his rehab from a calf injury, Juan Gonzalez has been sitting out extended spring training games. In other news, investigators have determined the new pope is Roman Catholic.
23 18 They hired baseball's VP of Operations, Sandy Alderson, as chief executive officer. GM Kevin Towers is signed through '07, but you gotta think manager Bruce Bochy needs to produce this season before he thinks about refinancing.
24 27 At least two disguntled fans have set up Web sites seeking the exit of tight-fisted owner Vince Naimoli, and And he didn't even kick them out of his private restroom.
25 13 When Raul Chavez singled off the Pirates' Oliver Perez with Humberto Cota and umpire Alfonso Marquez behind the plate the other night, it marked the first time in major-league history the pitcher, batter, catcher and ump were each Mexican. This will be a really special Cinco de Mayo.
26 15 Lenny Dykstra used to kid about "special vitamins" that helped him bulk up before his big '93 season with the Phils. Now a former friend claims Dykstra took steroids and gambled. It just gets better and better.
27 29 They're averaging a major-league worst 2.89 runs per game. Naturally, their big pickup last week was infielder Alfredo Amezaga, a career .210 hitter. It's even money who lasts longer, Amezaga or manager Lloyd McClendon.
28 26 Starter Ben Sheets is out indefinitely after experiencing dizziness and nausea. Doctors say it's an inner-ear infection. Either that or the Brewers' recent seven-game losing streak.
29 30 Rookie shortstop Clint Barmes, 26, hit .281 with 45 home runs and 218 RBIs in seven minor-league seasons. So far this spring, he's batting .421 with four homers and 14 RBIs. Welcome to Coors Field, kid.
30 28 After the Indians touched him for five runs in five innings, Zack Greinke blamed not having his lucky necklace. "I was about 10 minutes out from my place when I realized I didn't have my necklace on," he said. "I would have gone back, but I would have been late."

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