September 03, 2008
AFC East AFC North AFC South AFC West AFC Wild-cards
Peter King Patriots Browns Jaguars Chargers Colts, Jets
Dr. Z Patriots Steelers Colts Chargers Titans, Jags
Don Banks Patriots Browns Colts Chargers Jags, Bills
Michael Lombardi Patriots Steelers Colts Chargers Jags, Texans
Bucky Brooks Patriots Steelers Jaguars Chargers Colts, Broncos
Ross Tucker Patriots Steelers Colts Chargers Texans, Bills
Andrew Perloff Patriots Browns Jaguars Chargers Colts, Texans
Adam Duerson Patriots Steelers Jaguars Chargers Colts, Browns
Dominic Bonvissuto Patriots Steelers Colts Chargers Jaguars, Jets
NFC East NFC North NFC South NFC West NFC Wild-cards
Peter King Cowboys Vikings Panthers Seahawks Bucs, Redskins
Dr. Z Eagles Vikings Bucs Seahawks Cowboys, Giants
Don Banks Cowboys Vikings Saints Seahawks Eagles, Panthers
Michael Lombardi Eagles Vikings Saints Seahawks Cowboys, Panthers
Bucky Brooks Cowboys Vikings Saints Seahawks Eagles, Packers
Ross Tucker Cowboys Vikings Saints Seahawks Packers, Giants
Andrew Perloff Cowboys Packers Saints Seahawks Eagles, Giants
Adam Duerson Cowboys Vikings Panthers Seahawks Giants, Saints
Dominic Bonvissuto Cowboys Vikings Saints Niners Giants, Seahawks
AFC Championship Game NFC Championship Game Super Bowl
Peter King Patriots 30, Jaguars 27 Cowboys 23, Vikings 17 Patriots 30, Cowboys 20
Dr. Z Patriots 31, Colts 22 Eagles 20, Vikings 17 Patriots 26, Eagles 23
Don Banks Chargers 31, Patriots 27 Saints 27, Cowboys 23 Chargers 34, Saints 30
Michael Lombardi Chargers 17, Patriots 16 Seahawks 31, Eagles 14 Seahawks 21, Chargers 14
Bucky Brooks Chargers 23, Steelers 17 Saints 27, Cowboys 20 Chargers 24, Saints 14
Ross Tucker Patriots 27, Chargers 20 Cowboys 31, Saints 30 Patriots 34, Cowboys 17
Andrew Perloff Patriots 24, Chargers 19 Cowboys 31, Giants 24 Cowboys 28, Patriots 24
Adam Duerson Patriots 35, Jaguars 17 Seahawks 23, Cowboys 20 Patriots 27, Seahawks 10
Dominic Bonvissuto Colts 20, Patriots 17 Cowboys 24, Vikings 14 Colts 31, Cowboys 24
MVP Offensive POY Defensive POY Off. Rookie of the Year Def. Rookie of the Year Coach of the Year
Peter King Tom Brady, Patriots Adrian Peterson, Vikings Jared Allen, Vikings Chris Johnson, Titans Kenny Phillips, Giants Jack Del Rio, Jaguars
Dr. Z Wes Welker, Patriots Wes Welker, Patriots Justin Tuck, Giants Jake Long, Dolphins Kenny Phillips, Giants Andy Reid, Eagles
Don Banks Drew Brees, Saints Drew Brees, Saints Jared Allen, Vikings Jonathan Stewart, Panthers Sedrick Ellis, Saints Norv Turner, Chargers
Michael Lombardi Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks LaDainian Tomlinson, Chargers Dwight Freeney, Colts Jon Stewart, Panthers Jerod Mayo, Patriots Mike Holmgren, Seahawks
Bucky Brooks Drew Brees, Saints LaDainian Tomlinson, Chargers DeMarcus Ware, Cowboys DeSean Jackson, Eagles Jerod Mayo, Patriots Sean Payton, Saints
Ross Tucker Tom Brady, Patriots Tom Brady, Patriots DeMarcus Ware, Cowboys Kevin Smith, Lions Jerod Mayo, Patriots Dick Jauron, Bills
Andrew Perloff LaDainian Tomlinson, Chargers Tony Romo, Cowboys Antonio Cromartie, Chargers Felix Jones, Cowboys Curtis Lofton, Falcons Gary Kubiak, Texans
Adam Duerson Tom Brady, Patriots Tom Brady, Patriots Bob Sanders, Colts Jon Stewart, Panthers Jerod Mayo, Patriots Mike Holmgren, Seahawks
Dominic Bonvissuto Tony Romo, Cowboys Tony Romo, Cowboys Jared Allen, Vikings Kevin Smith, Lions Glenn Dorsey, Chiefs Mike Nolan, Niners
Best Team That Wont Make The Playoffs Team With The Worst Record Star Who Has Subpar Season Non-Star Who Has Breakout Season Coach Who Wont Be Back In 2009 Player Who Wont Be Back In 2009
Peter King Giants Chiefs Casey Hampton, Steelers Lamar Woodley, Steelers Scott Linehan, Rams Jon Jansen, Redskins
Dr. Z Packers Falcons Eli Manning, Giants Calvin Pace, Jets Lane Kiffin, Raiders Brett Favre, Jets
Don Banks Tie: Giants, Jets Chiefs Brett Favre, Jets Michael Turner, Falcons Mike Nolan, 49ers Ray Lewis, Ravens
Michael Lombardi Titans Chiefs Clinton Portis, Redskins Nate Burleson, Seahawks Lane Kiffin, Raiders Brett Favre, Jets
Bucky Brooks Panthers Chiefs Carson Palmer, Bengals Jay Cutler, Broncos Marvin Lewis, Bengals Edgerrin James, Cardinals
Ross Tucker Jaguars Chiefs Willis McGahee, Ravens Zach Miller, Raiders Scott Linehan, Rams Tedy Bruschi, Patriots
Andrew Perloff Titans Chiefs Randy Moss, Patriots Brandon Marshall, Broncos Scott Linehan, Rams Jason Taylor, Redskins
Adam Duerson Redskins Chiefs Adrian Peterson, Vikings Calvin Johnson, Lions Scott Linehan, Rams Brett Favre, Jets
Dominic Bonvissuto Broncos Ravens LaDainian Tomlinson, Chargers Michael Turner, Falcons Marvin Lewis, Bengals Zach Thomas, Cowboys

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