November 14, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
What a Shocker
Now, President Bush knows how to flash Sparky's pitch fork sign. :: Darryl Dennis/IconSMI : AP

President Bush and Arizona State's track team recently got together for a photo op and we've got to say, any person with a shred of foresight should have known this would end with "Bush Flashes Shocker" headlines on blogs the world over. We at SIOC know all too well how much drama these ASU photos cause. One day we're innocently posting pictures of cute Sun Devils cheerleaders flashing Sparky's pitch-fork hand sign, the next we're getting e-mails from an angry minister outraged to see the shocker on a respectable site such as ours. Still wondering what that dude was doing looking at our cheerleader galleries...

There won't be Any Crankin'

During last year's matchup with Georgia, Auburn suffered the double indignity of losing to the Bulldogs and hearing Georgia's newly adopted anthem, Crank That (Soulja Boy), all night long. And so, when trying to sufficiently motivate this year's Tiger squad for the looming rematch, Auburn coaches knew just what to do: Play the tune on continuous loop until the players felt compelled to do anything and everything in their power to make sure they'd never have to hear the song again.

Smokin' the Competition

When you play for a football team as bad as Syracuse, it helps to have other hobbies. Maybe that's why defensive end Mikhail Marinovich and punter Niko Rechul just opened a 2,000-square-foot Hookah lounge on Marshall Street. Now, that's entrepreneurial spirit. Fun fact: Niko's our former backdoor neighbor, so if he's reading this, we'd like him to say hi to his dog, Jaeger.

There's a Book Signing, Baby
Dicky V loves Duke, baby, but he's heading over to UNC anyway. :: Bob Rosato/SI

A coworker (who shall remain nameless) sent us this item and note: "Dick 'I want to make out with Coach K' Vitale is making an appearance at a UNC bookstore for a signing. ATROCIOUS I TELL YOU!" So, UNC fans are clearly distressed by the news, Duke fans probably feel betrayed by Vitale's jaunt of betrayal across the triangle, and Tampa Bay Rays fans are probably miffed Vitale's moved on from his World Series hardships. It seems very few people find this news exciting.

Before You Head Down Memory Lane

All you recent grads only have a couple more weeks to head back to campus. But before you set out for a weekend of football, nostalgia and other dubious activities, you need to adequately prepare yourself for re-entering a world you had no choice but to leave behind. So head over to Boosh and re-learn all you need to know about early morning tailgates, the collegiate vernacular and the absurdly affordable beverages.

The Saga's Subsided

It's a big day for Bleacher Report, who's joined the exciting world of online galleries. To kick things off, the site put together a slideshow of Big Ten basketball coaches, and managed to do so without once mentioning Kelvin Sampson (even on Tom Crean's slide). Genuinely impressive.

An Ax to Grind

Sure, there's only one top 25 matchup this weekend and the spread's 22-points, but we shouldn't look at this as a lost college football weekend. Instead, we should use it as an excuse to talk about Paul Bunyan's ax and other rivalry game trophies.

Color Bind

As long as you're both wearing red, it's OK to pregame with the opposing team's fans.

Pop Culture Nugget

Watching your girlfriend's favorite TV shows might actually be enjoyable.

Today In Hot Clicks
Leighton Meester, Blake Lively :: Getty Images

Entertainers of the Year ... MORE Kelli photos ... NBA's most offbeat promotions ... Favre tribute ... Collins writes country tunes ... You can be on FNL ... Video: Jordan beat ... Newscaster blooper.

Odds and Ends

Follow Washington State's example and start a beer pong league ... It's too mean to say "Cal Sucks" ...'s got a new series ... Who knew holders had such bad tempers?

Spoiler Alert!

It's OK to be busy. It's not OK to fall behind on your movie knowledge.

Major Beef

We never like seeing animals get hurt, but when a cow stands still as a plane clips it with its propeller, we can only say, "natural selection." Impact at the 40-second mark.

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