June 01, 2011
Flat Finals
Heat fans :: Marc Serota/Getty Images

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There's not much to say about the Heat's 92-84 win over the Mavericks last night in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. The most exciting thing about the game was these two fans bringing David Hasselhoff to the American Airlines Arena. Maybe the league should reconsider some of these "rejected NBA Finals promotional slogans" to generate more interest. Speaking of American Airlines Arena, do you know which player was the first to have their number retired by the Miami Heat? The answer will surprise you. Lastly, since we're talking NBA Finals, here are five great moments in Finals history -- legoized.
Random Links
Check out the nifty bare-handed grab Rangers pitcher (and friend of Hot Clicks), C.J. Wilson made last night. ... This fan got a little too excited to meet Roger Federer at the French Open. ... Someone needs to give Chris Berman a refresher on what "walk-off win" means.
T-Shirt Of The Day
I think we'll see a lot of people in the state of Michigan wearing these shirts that poke fun of Jim Tressel.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Rachael Cordingley :: Martin Rose/Getty Images
Model Rachael Cordingley is dating WBC Super Middleweight World champion Carl Froch. Froch is featured on Showtime's Super Six World Boxing Classic. Cordingley makes a boisterous appearance on this Saturday's episode that shows her getting on the nerves of Showtime's boxing announcers.
Vin Scully's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is not being treated with the proper amount of respect.
Portman Kunis United
BeautifulGear.com covers all things soccer clothing and accessories. The site recently asked for user submissions and an indoor team from Dallas came through with this gem.
Spoof Of The Day
Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista is not only a good hitter, but his acting skills aren't shabby, either. Check him out (with The Sopranos Steve Schrippa) in The Hitman.

Music Video Of The Day
Newsweek recently named Grand Rapids, Mich., one of the top 10 dying cities in the U.S. The locals responded by making the world's biggest lipdub video. It's probably the longest, too, since they're singing American Pie. (Thanks to Adam Smith, of Muskegon, Mich., and John Bursch, for the link.)

Missed High Five Of The Day
Jon Blakely, of Ottawa,, says, "Jimmy, one of the best missed high fives ever came from the Ryder Cup. Rory McIllroy & Graham McDowell fail to connect from a short distance. Sorry for the poor quality."

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