April 02, 2010
Perez Hilton Would Be Proud
Mike Krzyzewski :: HeraldBulletin.com

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The Indianapolis Star didn't quite go the bodily-fluid route that Perez Hilton does when he has fun with photos on his site, but the newspaper channeled its juvenile side when it doctored a photo of Mike Krzyzewski on its front page Friday morning, which didn't go over well with the Duke coach and was eventually removed from later editions.
About Those Brackets
Hot Clicks has linked to many brackets over the past couple of weeks. Let's revisit some as they wind down to the finals. It's down to Kristin Chenoweth vs. Liz Hurley in Thunder Treats' Cougar Madness. It's The Simpsons vs Seinfeld in Sparty And Friends' Sitcomology. And in 93.7 The Bus' best rock song competition, the Final Four is down to Hotel California vs. Free Bird and Bohemian Rhapsody vs. Stairway to Heaven.
The NFL Network's Rich Eisen got Shawne Merriman with a pretty amusing prank on Thursday.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Rachel Stevens :: Fred Duval/Getty Images
Joe T., of St. Louis, says, "I'm not sure if she's been featured on Hot Clicks before, but either way, I'd like to recommend Rachel Stevens for the Lovely Lady of the Day. Not only is she hot, but she takes time for noble causes such as this [link deleted] (which is quite possibly the greatest PSA in the history of the universe)." Here's the thing: I'm not allowed to link to the video Joe submitted. But you can find it on YouTube pretty easily. However, I can link to this.
I Apologize For Doing This, But...
Because it's a holiday weekend, this edition will be slightly abbreviated, so I want to direct you to today's A.M. Hot Clicks for more links on all things Final Four, the iPad craze, Charles Barkley flipping the bird and more.
Prank Video Of The Day
Kansas City Wizards defender Michael Harrington was told yesterday that Maxim wanted to film him for an upcoming issue. Oh, let me explain further. They wanted to film him ... as a cat. This was the result.

Michael Harrington, Part II
Here's bonus footage of the prank above.

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