November 22, 2011
Rob Gronkowski :: AP

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has gotten to a point where you can't just mention his infamous photos with a porn star when talking about him. You also must mention that he's an unstoppable beast on the football field. Last night, he scored two touchdown, including this one on a backflip. That gave him 20 career touchdowns, which is faster than any other tight end in NFL history. The kicker is that he didn't even let a little thing like landing on his head and snapping his neck stop him from getting up (albeit, wobbly) and doing his trademark monster spike. (Oh, about that porn star. She sent out this right-to-the-point Tweet during the game last night: "loving it! (: @RobGronkowski." I'd link it up for you, but her Twitter page is NSFW.)
That Was Fast
It took Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby five minutes and 24 seconds to score his first goal after a 10-month absence from the ice. Here are seven other facts about Crosby's impressive return.
Hey, David Stern, Think Of The Escort Services!
The NBA lockout has put tons of people out of work and many other businesses have been hurt because the league is shut down. Among those businesses? Escort services. They've taken a 30 percent hit without NBA players and fans around to, um, let's just say, seek company.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Raica Oliveira :: Tomadas de internet GDA Photo Service/Newscom
Let's all be thankful this week for The site has put together this gallery of the 100 hottest brunette lingerie models.
E-Mail Of The Day
Geoff, of Boise, Idaho, says, "Last year for my daughters school auction/fundraiser, I got hammered and bought a dog...without my wife's approval. This year, I promised her I wouldn't buy anything, but once the booze started flowing and hands started raising, I couldn't help myself. But it gets better. I bid $600 on a Boise State Leather Recliner, but once the bid hit $700, I knew I was drunk and should stop. So from across the room, I gave my wife the thumbs up to say 'I'm good, how are you'? She thought this meant I wanted her to bid. Now, WE are stuck with this chair that I can't afford and won't fit in my house. Everyone at the auction loved the story so much, they said I should let the dog sleep on it. No way. Feel like helping me sell this thing? Here's a link. The best part? I was lied to and told there would be a pony this year. I think most people now show up at the auction just to see how drunk and dumb I can be. Next year, I'm drinking O'Douls so I can raise their hand to bid on items." To answer Geoff's question, I can't say that I really feel like helping him sell his chair, but good God, this e-mail needed to be shared.
The Hot Clicks Podcast
CM Punk, who won the WWE title at Survivor Series Sunday night, joined the latest edition of the Hot Clicks Podcast in which he shared his insights on the business, The Rock, Vince McMahon and much more.

Hot Clicks: The Podcast
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Giveaway Of The Day
WWE '12
I have five copies of WWE '12, available in stores today (or online), to giveaway. E-mail me the answers ( and put "Contest" in the subject line. Do not fill out the form below. The first five people to answer the following questions about my recent podcast with CM Punk win the game.

1. The WWE told Punk leading up to WrestleMania, he would be in a TV feud with which wrestler?

2. Which former WWE wrestler told Punk his taped wrists make him look like he had two broken arms?

3. Punk said he is ready for the Cubs' Back to the Future prophecy coming true in which year?

4. What did Punk want to do to Steve Bartman "back in the day?"

UPDATE: 1:07: Contest is over. Winners have been e-mailed.
Sports Video Of The Day
NASCAR's Kurt Busch REALLY didn't want to be interviewed by ESPN's Dr. Jerry Punch over the weekend. At least, that's what I assume since Busch called Punch an m-fer. (Thanks to Kevin Click, of Mansfield, Ohio, for the video.)

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