By Dr Z
October 24, 2007
NFL Power Rankings
Rank LW Team
11 11 I don't envy them, flying somewhere, God knows where, to play the Texans, not knowing whether or not they'll have a home still standing or destroyed by fire when they return. Tough to keep your mind on football.
12 18 They're starting to talk about their No. 1 draft pick, Calvin Johnson. Graceful when he stretches for a pass, elusive when he scored on that 32-yard end around against the Bucs, with a serious stiff-arm topping it off. Yep, it's about time one of those wideout draft choices pays off.
13 25 A hard team to evaluate. Sleepwalked through five games, then arose with a fury. Crowded the box against the Steelers' running, gave up the pass but still kept a sustained rush on Big Ben. Finally pulled it out at the end in storybook fashion. Obviously, I couldn't keep them down around 25, where they were last week. Maybe they got too much of a hike this time. Passion dictates.
14 14 Cornerback is becoming the hardest position to fill, when you pick an all-pro team. That's why I'm so happy that Ken Lucas is back to where he was a couple of years ago. Knock wood ... if he just stays healthy.
15 16 The strange slump of Shaun Alexander continues. Another blah day, this tine against the Rams. Nineteen carries, 47 yards. On first and goal from the St. Louis one, the Hawks threw a pass. On third and one Alexander was lifted for Maurice Morris. If the enemy is stacking to stop him, then Matt Hasselbeck should flourish, right? But he's not. Mysterious stuff going on out there.
16 8 I know they're all banged up, which is rough, but how can I take them seriously when they haven't played a team with a winning record?
17 13 Sage Rosenfels against Kerry Collins last week in Shootout Central. How do you handicap a game like that?
18 20 OK, they lost their first two games, basically on turnovers, but since then they've come on, winning four of five. They play hard for Herman. They need better quarterbacking. Priest Holmes put in his first appearance after two years in dry-dock and didn't do much. And that's the news from the Plains.
19 15 Well, Kurt Warner gets a bye week to get himself together, and if ever a guy needed it it's him.
20 19 A scout's eye view of Derek Anderson, who has put up impressive numbers: "Get him out of the pocket. Make him move, and you'll see how immobile he is." Wait a minute, how can he move if he's immobile? Well, that's not as bad as all these announcers and headline writers who say, "They've got to get UNTRACKED."

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