By Dr Z
December 26, 2007
NFL Power Rankings
Rank LW Team
11 13 Kyle Vanden Bosch is coming on like a maniac, with three sacks and a forced fumble against the Jets. Too late for Z consideration for all-pro? Afraid so, but you never know, once the grading process is complete.
12 14 Cool under fire, that's Todd Collins, who looked so smooth against the Vikings' furious blitz pressure. And tell me I'll ever write anything bad about a QB who bails me out in my upset special.
13 10 Had a few scattered mailings from Cleveland complaining about Derek Anderson's exclusion from the Pro Bowl. He answered each one of them with his four picks Sunday, and usually these guys aren't that accommodating.
14 12 OK, the enemy packs eight guys in the box and stops Adrian cold? Why? All great runners face it at times, and usually manage something -- anything! Why are teams able to shut him down so completely, as the Skins did? I know the stock answer -- lack of adequate passing to take the pressure off, but I don't buy it. There's something in the scheme that's wrong, and I plan to devote my offseason to finding out what it is.
15 18 Too bad about this team. It's got playoffs written all over it. Maybe some outfit could step aside and give them its spot, as Lord Andrew Lindsay did for Eric Liddell in Chariots of Fire.
16 15 You know, it's getting kind of boring. When I pick them, they lose. When I pick them big, like for the Super Bowl, I lose -- my reputation, my following, the $$$ I've bet, uh, scratch that last one, the $$$ I told people to lay down, pre-season, at the price. I'll tell you, this handicapping stuff is no fun at all.
17 16 I've got their Indy game on the tape. At this stage of the season, I'm doing last minute searches for my all-pro checklist. Do I really want to spend three hours watching Mario Williams against Tony Ugoh? Yeah, OK, I guess so. It's just been a long season folks, and I'm wearing down.
18 17 The score was 14-7, Buffalo, when LT Jason Peters went down with a groin pull. The floodgates opened. Trent Edwards came apart. The offense came apart. The Bills' defense kept coming onto the field with short rest and got overwhelmed. Yeah, one guy makes that much difference, if he's in a skill position, which describes left tackle.
19 19 Here's what I saw, and I think it's kind of a capsule on the philosophy governing this team. They were down to San Diego 13-0, with about a minute and a half to go in the first half, and the Chargers had just lost a yard on a running play and had a third and 11 on their own 46. If the Broncos were into the game they'd have called a time out. Stop San Diego, get the ball back with plenty of time left, try to make a fight of it. But they didn't. It wasn't on their minds.
20 20 Am I overworking this all-pro checklist thing? "What do you have that's better?" the Redhead says. She's right. OK, I spotlighted two guys in the Dallas game, MLB Beason, RT Gross. Both are finalists.

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