By Dr Z
January 03, 2007
NFL Power Rankings
Rank LW Team
21 25 Showed real poise in knocking the Broncos out of the playoffs. Came a lot farther than that 5-11 team I had envisioned.
22 22 I had them 6-10. I think .500 is a good achievement, with all the offensive line problems they had.
23 23 The Fall of the House of Usher. But not as bad a fall as it could have been, if they hadn't won their last two. OK, who's kidding whom? I blew it. I had them winning the Super Bowl. Other people did, too. Other people also voted to re-elect ... whoops, I forgot. Not supposed to mention politics.
24 20 Poetic justice. My two Super Bowl participants end up kissin' cousins in the Badlands of the rankings. Yeah, I picked them 11-5 and AFC East champs. Yeah, I had 'em upsetting the Steelers in the divisionals and beating Peyton and the boys in the AFC Championship. You had to go and remind me, right?
25 24 Can I brag just a little? While everyone was buying into the Edgerrin James thing and the dynamic new offense and everything, old Z saw an uninspired 6-10. I rest my case.
26 26 So just when I'm looking good, this spoils it. Best of the 9-7 NFC Easts, and division champion. I liked the boost their offense got ... Lloyd and Randle El and, ummm, some other guys.
27 27 Put a noser on the board. I saw a 6-10 finish, despite the second coming of John Hannah, which was Steve Hutchinson.
28 28 No, I didn't see those surprising upsets that marked their record. I saw them as the worst team in football at 3-13.
29 29 I'm trying to figure out why I picked them to go 8-8. I mean I'm looking at their schedule again and I really can't understand how I managed to squeeze out eight victories.
30 30 Yeah, they struggled. Everyone knew they would. Even me. I had their struggles at 5-11.
31 31 I think I must have simply gotten bored with the division, because after the Bears, I had a treacle pudding of three 6-10s.
32 32 I toyed with making them the worst in football at 3-13, but ended up placing them second worst at 4-12. I thought that Randy Moss might hijack a couple of games for them. Ha!

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