November 03, 2010
Wakefield Track & Field

Gotta love this one. Wakefield High School in Massachusetts has been rocked by controversy because the school's track and field team have been sporting these WTF shirts.
Giving Thanks
The "Thank You notes" that the San Francisco Giants sent out to various people are pretty spectacular.
Sounds Like A Great Deal
Yesterday, we told you that Randy Moss reportedly had a fit about a post-practice meal, which may have contributed to his departure from Minnesota. Now, the restaurant (Tinucci's) that catered the meal in question is stepping up to the plate and giving away a free lunch this Friday to anyone who donates Randy Moss gear.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Raquel Gibson :: Steven A Henry/Getty Images
Erik, of Minneapolis, requested that model Raquel Gibson gets today's honors and we couldn't turn him down.
Do The Dougie
If you want to see a slew of athletes doing The Dougie (but none as good as John Wall from today's A.M. Clicks), check this out.
SI Vault Photo Of The Day
Former Reds outfielder Eric Davis sports a vintage cropped T.
Parade Video Of The Day
Giants first baseman/outfielder Aubrey Huff sniffs his rally thong. (Thanks to Brendan Wright, of San Francisco, for the video.)

Sports Video Of The Day
Via via comes this awesome video of the Timberwolves forward Kevin Love struggling -- really struggling -- to slap a teammate.

Sandwich Video Of The Day
If you're into food porn, this video (via is for you. (Warning: There is some naughty language.)

Tetris Video Of The Day
Back in the day I use to have a Tetris addiction. I had to go to rehab and everything. So I have a special appreciation for this kid's skills.

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