April 08, 2010
Which One Are You?
Reby Sky :: Courtesy NYGiantsGirl.com

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From the unhappy significant other to the corporate executive to the hot girl, SportsPickle.com looks at the 15 fans at every sporting event. Oh, the stunner above is New York Giants superfan Reby Sky. You probably figured this out already, but she falls into the "hot girl" category of SportsPickle's list.
That Was Quick
We're just a few days into the 2010 baseball season and we already have our first jersey fail.
Here's One For The Yankees-Red Sox Haters
Umpire Joe West called the two teams "a disgrace to baseball."
He's Pissed
Kenyon Martin :: Garrett Ellwood/Getty Images
Last week, Hot Clicks told you about Kenyon Martin getting angry with Nuggets teammates who filled his car with buttered popcorn for an April Fool's prank. Here is the audio of Martin's tirade.
Speaking Of The Nuggets...
In something you rarely see, check out how the action continues as players work around Carmelo Anthony, who went down after colliding with Kevin Durant last night.
Random Links
A must-see soccer penalty kick. ... A look at superstitious baseball players. ... The Big Lebowski becomes The Big Nowitzki.
Tiger Video Of The Day
This is a new Tiger Woods/Nike ad. As I said on Twitter last night, I don't get it at all, unless the message is that Tiger's deceased dad, Earl, is asking his son what he learned from whoring it up.

Better Tiger Video Of The Day
Here is the version Nike should've made.

Music Video Of The Day
Hot Clicks has featured the "Fully Sick Rapper" before. This is his latest masterpiece.

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